Reasons Why Being a Girl Who Loves Sports is a Good Thing

Growing up in a family that revolved around sports, it became obvious to me that I would need to learn the lingo or get out of all conversations at Thanksgiving.  Over the years I gained plenty of knowledge about professional sports even though I never played.  While I was watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and my team, the Denver Broncos, were killing the Panthers, I realized I was the only one cheering or even paying attention in the room.  This prompted me to write down all of the reasons why it’s a great thing to be a girl who loves sports!


1. You will always have a conversation starter, especially with guys

Most guys follow professional sports, and it can therefore be easy to start up a conversation.  If you watch even a little bit of Sports Center, you will know something about each sport and any big sports news that occurred during the week.  People who follow sports religiously will be impressed, I promise, and this can come in handy when trying to get employers to like you or hire you.


2. You can have your own opinions about big sports controversies


They always say sports unites people together, especially in times of controversies.  When big scandals break in the sports world, you will be expected to pick a side.  If you already follow sports, there is a pretty good chance you will already have an opinion and be educated on the scandal.  You don’t want to be the person who hasn’t heard of the next big controversy, especially if you work for anything that has to do with sports, like marketing or journalism.  Pop culture is a money maker, and sports and their drama falls into that category.


3. You can cheer on your team with other fans!

There’s nothing better than watching your team win the Super Bowl (trust me, I just experienced it!) and it’s always fun to have a team to cheer for throughout the season.  By paying attention to sports, you get the camaraderie of all of the fans who also support your favorite team which adds a lot of fun and celebration when you win! Sporting your favorite player’s jersey and seeing other people around town wearing your team’s colors gives you a sense of ownership and pride.  The whole fan base wins together and loses together, and you know you have each other’s backs even through a “rebuilding year.”


4. Lastly, most professional athletes are pretty people


If you can’t follow along to a sporting game or understand the rules, at least you can watch it for the hot players.  Most professional athletes aren’t too hard on the eyes and they usually have pretty toned bodies.  We all know there are many fans who are simply there to stare at the hotties on the field, so don’t be ashamed! Stare all you want while you drink your $7 beer!  

It’s great to be a girl who loves sports, or at least love the hot players.  I can’t wait to raise my girls to love sports as well!