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Reactions to the Roses Week 9

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gonzaga chapter.

Hello and welcome back Bachelor Nation!  We are getting down to the last few weeks of this season of the Bachelor.  Nick is going to have to decide whether or not he wants the love these women can offer him, or if he will go home empty handed once again.  All will be revealed in just two weeks!  Ahh!!!  But let’s get to this week’s Finland recap! 

We left Nick last week answering his hotel room door to see Andi Dorfman there wanting to talk to him.  ABC we see through your ploy, but I still enjoyed seeing Andi anyway. 

Nick and Andi talked about how the last time she showed up to his hotel room, she broke up with him.  Super awkward. 

Anyway, Andi gave Nick the “go ahead” to sleep with all of the women on the show.  Um, Andi, do you not remember how he humiliated you on NATIONAL TELEVISION? That was only two years ago, honey.  He was a douche bag to you, so don’t you dare let him off the hook.  (I’m still mad at him for you!) 

Anyway, let’s focus on Nick again.  After getting some reassurance from Andi that this process does work (even though it clearly didn’t work for her), Nick heads into the rose ceremony after hometown dates.  He must send a woman home, and unfortunately it had to be Corinne. 

In the most real display of emotion, Corinne breaks down crying DURING THE CEREMONY.  (I think this might be unprecedented)  She doesn’t wait to get into the van to take her away to cry.  Nope, she does it in front of the remaining women and Nick.  Corinne, you are becoming one of my favorite contestants on this show. 

She cries, hugs Nick a lot, he kisses her head a lot, and she gets in the van to drive away.  BUT Corinne completely changes the game and says some of the most real and important things possibly ever stated on all of reality television.  Instead of crying about how heartbroken she is over Nick, Corinne STANDS UP FOR HERSELF.  She declares that never again will she try to please or kiss up to a man simply to gain his love.  In this epiphany of moments, Corinne realizes her OWN WORTH and decides that if a man loves her, then he will have to come to her. She is not changing for anyone anymore.  And I, along with all of the feminists in the world, screamed in delight and had a dance party to celebrate what every woman needs to know.  Corinne, you have changed the Bachelor for the better. 

Even though we said goodbye to Corinne, I have a feeling we will be seeing her in Paradise this summer. March onward strong, courageous woman! 

After saying goodbye, the women and Nick head to Finland.  Since this was only a one hour episode, we only got to see Nick’s date with Raven in Finland.  Nick talked about how he was unsure of Raven’s feelings for him because she hasn’t said that she loved him yet.  This date was a big deal because not only are there only three remaining women, but it’s also the Fantasy Suite week, which means Nick will be sleeping with even more Bachelor contestants than ever before! 

Nick and Raven explore Finland via helicopter and actually have a sweet date where they get to talk about what their future will look like (Nick will cook, Raven will do laundry).  

At the dinner portion of the night Raven finally tells Nick how much she loves him (it was a really sweet speech) and Nick DOESN’T freak out.  Hallelujah! (Although the sweater he is wearing is rough…)

Even after Nick gives Raven the Fantasy Suite card, and she accepts his invitation, Raven has another secret to spill: she’s never had an orgasm during sex before.  Nick didn’t respond to that one, but instead just gave her a sly smile.  We see you Nick.  We know your history.  No words were needed. 

Of course we have no idea what exactly went down in the Fantasy Suite, but I’m sure we can all use our imagination.  

Last night’s episode was yet again another cliff hanger as we only saw one date.  Next week we get to see the second half of the episode, where Nick takes both Vanessa and Rachel on dates and has to send one home.  After that hour, we get another two hours of drama with the Women Tell All.  You don’t want to miss out!  Chris Harrison and I can’t wait to see you!  See you next week! 

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