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No Valentine? No Problem! Galentine’s Day to the Rescue!

I first heard about Galentine’s Day a few years ago when one of my friends pitched the idea after watching the Parks and Recreations episode (Season 2, Episode 16). No Valentine? No Problem! Here is why Galentine’s Day is the best holiday ever and should be celebrated by all single women.



If you have ever celebrated Valentine’s Day you understand the pressure that is put on you when it comes to finding the PERFECT outfit for the date. With Galentine’s, that’s not an issue. You’re with your best friends, so no need to worry! They have seen you at your best and your worst. Your sweatpants are definitely acceptable.



Now let’s talk about the gifts… As easy as it may seem, it is probably the hardest part.

“Do I get a gift, do I not?”

“I know they said they didn’t want anything, but should I still get them something?”

“Do they even like chocolate?”



Gifts can be a struggle. With Galentine’s Day you can agree on what you all think is best. Maybe a white elephant or secret sister gift exchange would be fun. Or maybe no gifts at all. We all know the real gift is the company.



Lastly, FOOD! A true Galentine’s Day celebration calls for some great food. Something that will bring all your friends together and show you how lucky you are to have some great people in your life. You could have a potluck, maybe a cooking party, or a casserole you all enjoy. All are great options!



Happy Galentine’s Day everyone! Make it a great one and show your girls how much they mean to you!


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