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Here at Her Campus Gonzaga, we have lots of writers working to bring the amazing content to our pages each week. It’s time to learn more about one of our members: Sophia! 

Sophia is a sophomore at Gonzaga University studying Psychology with a research concentration paired with both Art and Leadership Studies minors. She is originally from Everett, Washington. Just look at what an adorable baby she was!

Sophia’s favorite quote is “Everyone has an element of irreducible rascality” by Alan Watts. She loves to binge watch Girls Incarcerated on Netflix while snacking on her favorite pizza, pineapple and Canadian bacon. She wants to go to Ikaria, a tiny Greek island where people have very long lifespans, before she dies. The last book she read was ‘Tis by Frank McCourt, which she strongly recommends. The song she currently has on repeat is “Gaims” by KAMAU. Sophia loves that at Gonzaga, the professors are engaging in the classroom and they are willing to build relationships with their students outside of class as well.

Two Truths and a Lie:

1. I crochet.

2. I love to ride the bus.

3. I love Pop Tarts.

Get to know Sophia if you ever run into her, she’s such a sweetheart!


Answer to Two Truths & a Lie: Sophia doesn’t crochet!

I am a sophomore biology major at Gonzaga University. I am originally from Bellinghmam Washington.
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