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Meet Our Team: Sammy Louie

Hey everyone! I would like you to meet Sammy Louie!

Sammy is from Portland, Oregon and is on track to graduate in 2020! She is planning on majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology.

She loves Gonzaga, and that shows through her school pride as a cheerleader! As seen in the photo, you can catch Sammy cheering on our Zags at every basketball game. During these crazy basketball months, Sammy gets to travel with the Men’s Basketball team during March Madness. She says what she loves the most about going to school here is the community that comes with it. With Gonzaga being such a small school, it’s easy to build a tight community which makes you feel as if Gonzaga is a second home.

When she thinks about her bucket list, Sammy is dead set on traveling to Europe. Maybe she will be able to do that while she is here at school? Let’s hope!


Two Truths and a Lie from Sammy:

  1. She is a third degree black belt
  2. She is the youngest of three children in her family
  3. She has left the country

(See bottom for answer!)

When it comes to free time, Sammy’s favorite binge watching show is Everything Sucks. Her favorite artists are G Eazy or OneRepublic. Anything by those two are constants in Sammy’s music library. In other celebrity related news, Sammy’s celebrity crush(es) are Dave Franco, Zac Efron and Patrick Dempsey.


Don’t miss out on watching Sammy cheer on the Zags this week during March Madness! 


Answer to Two Truths & a Lie: the third one! Sammy is hoping for that trip to Europe sometime so she can explore outside of the states.

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