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Meet Our Exec Team- Indie Landon

Name, Year, Hometown? Indie Landon, Sophomore, Hailey, Idaho. It’s a perfect snow globe image during the winter!


Communication Studies and Spanish majors (¡esta padre!)


Favorite quote?

I love words so my favorite quote changes pretty frequently. My roommate and I have a weekly inspiration quote and this was the one for last week. “You deserve a whole sheet of gold stars.”

Best binge-watch?

The Office

Perfect pizza?

Homemade Gluten free pepperoni! 


Bucket list item?

Scuba diving in the Maldives with my father. He is a scuba dive instructor and I love the ocean, so I practically grew up in the water.


Last book you read (not for school)?

I reread “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. I read it a super long time ago and I saw it on my amazon account and read it in 4 hours. Probably should have done homework during that time but it is a very good book.


Song on repeat?

Currently my song on repeat is Mine by Bazzi. Issa vibe for sure!


Most used emoji?

The letter with a heart on it! 


Favorite thing about GU?

My favorite thing about Gonzaga is the community that it has to offer. The people that I have met have shaped and impacted me in ways that I never thought were possible. I have made life long friends here at GU.


Celebrity Crush?   

Timothee Chalamet


What’s your fav thing about HC GU?

The team! I love working with all of the girls on Her campus at Gonzaga and seeing what they have to offer. We all get along which makes writing articles and posting social media something fun instead of a task.


Tell us something about GU that makes it special/not everyone would know? Something that makes GU special is the school spirit! Everyone here is super committed to being a Zag, it is very contagious. Go ZAGS!


Student at Gonzaga University from Sun Valley, Idaho. Majors: Communication Studies and Spanish. Loves helping others, smiling, planning events, holidays, and car dance parties. 
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