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There’s someone I’d like all of you to meet… Molly Quillin! Not only is she a queen who slays her every endeavor, she is my best friend! Molly has been a light in my life for almost 15 years, and I am incredibly lucky to call her my best friend. Together we have laughed, cried, hugged, sang, danced, played, screamed, prayed and everything in between. I absolutely love that we get to share our Gonzaga experiences together. Here’s a little bit more about her…


Wise Words: “Kid, you’ll move mountains.” AND “She believed she could so she did.” AND “There is a light that can overcome the darkness.”

Best Binge-Watch: The Office

Dream Job: Foreign Service Officer

Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni with tomatoes & pesto

Favorite Thing About GU: Everyone’s passion about being a Zag – that includes alums, current students, family members, extended family, your neighbors: EVERYONE. Go Zags!!

Fun Fact: I lived in China for 2 years (my sophomore & junior years of high school)!


Another thing you should know about Molly is that she is super involved in Gonzaga’s Department of Theatre and Dance, and she is the Stage Manager for this weekend’s show, Constellations!

Can you give us a little sneak peek into constellations?

Constellations is a two-person love story about Marianne and Roland. Marianne is a physicist with a passion for String Theory and Multiverse Theory, and Roland is a beekeeper who absolutely exudes his love for bees. This play jumps between universes, and a change in universe the fate of the characters changes. In some universes, Marianne cheats on Roland and their relationship ends; in others Roland cheats, in still others Marianne develops brain cancer – sometimes the tumor is benign and sometimes it gives her a year to live.Some of the universes are vaguely connected or chronologically ordered in some way, and some of the moments simply repeat (with slight variations) until the two characters, Marianne and Roland, fall in love and continue their relationship. It is a complex, deeply human show, and an investigation into how our choices, actions, and words really affect our future. 

What is a splash event?

We are doing a splash event for Constellations, which means that though this is a two-person show, our director, Annika Perez-Krikorian, has cast six people: three Marianne’s and three Roland’s. Throughout our rehearsal process, all the actors have rotated through their opposites (all three of our Roland’s have rehearsed with all three of our Marianne’s). However, in the spirit of a splash event, the actors do not know which night they are performing and only get a text an hour before the show starts telling them they are performing. In addition, the actors will not know who they are performing with until they step out onstage, and they will have never formally performed the entire play together. This makes the show a unique experience every night, as though our actors are portraying the same characters, they have all taken a distinct approach to their characters, and therefore are six different Marianne’s and Roland’s. We are selling $5 tickets per show and also a $10 weekend pass, with which you can come see all of the shows. We highly recommend the weekend pass, as you will get so much more out of the show every time you see it!

Anything else you think we should know about the show?

We are also having a talk-back at the end of each show with Professor Kincanon, who teaches the Philosophy of Time class, due to the show’s connection to themes of philosophy, physics, and religion. The show runs October 6-8, 7:30pm on the 6th and 7th, and 2pm on the 8th – bring your family!


Just a peek into Molly’s world, and the world(s) of Constellations that you have the opportunity to step into this weekend! 

Portland native with a passion for people & words.
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