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Meet Frances Minigan!

Meet Frances Minigan, die-hard Zag and Radio Station Manager for Gonzaga’s very own iZag Radio! Frances is a bundle of joy and a person everyone deserve to meet. With her beautiful smile and contagious laughter, Frances is a person worth getting to know! 

Age/Year: 20, Junior

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Major: Broadcasting with a music minor!

Favorite TV Show: Spongebob is my all-time favorite!

Dream Job: I would LOVE to work for Spotify.

Instagram: @francesmini

Perfect Pizza: A thin-crust, Hawaiian pizza

My favorite thing about Gonzaga is that the majority of students see each other as equals! We are all open to each other and no one person is above the other.



What is iZag Radio?

iZag Radio is Gonzaga University’s first and only internet radio station made for students by students/ iZag features many different people who are given the ability to express themselves and just have a good time! You can find us on the third floor of the Hemmingson Center!


What are you most excited for this year with iZag Radio?

I am so excited to expand our listenership and hopefully gain a larger audience amongst the Gonzaga student body. We are also hoping to have a music festival in the works, so stay tuned!



 If you are interested in applying to have your own channel on iZag Radio, click HERE!

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