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Ladies, Let’s Get in Formation: A Reminder of Beyoncé’s Brilliance

We all know and love Queen B, the true Bey, Beyoncé. The phenomenal singer has quote-on-quote “broken the internet” with her most recent album, Lemonade, which provides both controversial and inspirational content. Bey brings the heat by combining a world of music with that of an outcry for social justice, specifically in her song, “Formation.” 


Beyoncé’s “Formation” ties in multiple outlets of meaning and representation through her lyrics, beat, and visual performance. In NPR’s article, “Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ Is A Visual Anthem,” the company provides a rhetorical analysis of her music video. NPR calls the product a visual anthem, and hints at the fact that it was released intentionally on a weekend that provides meaning to a current movement toward equity. 

The video aired on the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, a significant and revolting event that clearly illustrates the harsh reality that is unnecessary racial profiling and police brutality. The date exudes meaning for Beyoncé, as she personally met the parents of Trayvon and made a statement by releasing this video on the anniversary of his death. Since the day of its release, the video has culminated over 130 million views.

Her video is set in the very politically charged, conservative south and Beyoncé walks in as a force of empowerment. There are images that force the audience to recollect memories of current issues regarding racial profiling and discrimination, and very much calls attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. NPR describes the images of the young boy in front of a policeman and Beyoncé on top of a police car as incredibly powerful.

Although a famous artist, Beyoncé does not live on a planet of ignorance and bliss – she recognizes social injustice in the world and uses her power to create awareness and provide a shift in our narrative, one of white supremacy and privilege. 


See Bey’s music video here

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