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Julia Bellia, Lover of Photography, Teaching, and All things Environmental!

Julia Bellia is a rising star here on Gonzaga’s campus!  She is a wonderful collegiette in pursuit to become not only a teacher, but also a teacher that inspires others to save the Earth! I’m sure if you haven’t seen her around campus, you will now! Make sure to check out her really cool photography Instagram too! 

Name: Julia Belia, Sophomore, 19 

Hometown: Seattle, Washington (actual Seattle too!)

Major: Environmental Studies with Elementary Education certification

Favorite Quote: “Adventure, whethere physical or mental, implies breaking into unpenatrated ground, venturing beyond the boundary of normal aptitude, extending oneself to the limit of capacity, courageously facing peril. Life without the chance for such exertions would be for many a dreary game, scarcely bearable in its horrible banality.” –Bob Marshall

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Rec

Dream Job: Teacher! (Environmental Education) and Environmental photo journalism

Favorite Instagram filter: Mayfair

Perfect Pizza: Wood-fired Margarita pizza

Favorite thing about Gonzaga: When I return to campus after break and it feels like a second home!

Why you love GEO (Gonzaga Environmental Organization): I am extremely passionate about environmental education and affecting environmental change by encouraging awareness and living sustainably. GEO allows me to do this! I love it! 

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