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The Importance of Friendship in College

Friends can be all around you in your community, your school, work, or during your normal every day routine. They can show up at the most inconvenient or the most needed of times in your life. There are varying types of friendships ranging from lifelong friends to good friends and those friends from class or work. These past few months I have come to realize how important certain friendships are to my well being and happiness in tackling the world around me. 


After struggling through some rough patches in my life last semester and following into this semester, I found friends who have supported me through it all. Through all of my complaining, anger, and crying they were there to pick me up again. There were times where I just ranted on and on about my problems and they all listened to me without hesitation. Of course I have done the same thing for them if they were ever feeling down or needed someone. This reciprocation of love, support, and happiness is what made our friendships grow even stronger. We have gone on new adventures to places, had many late-night talks, several distracting homework sessions, and have supported each other through the bad days. I can’t imagine not being friends with them because they really do make me happy.

These friends have become the first of few lifelong friends in my life and I am grateful that they came to me at the time I needed them most. I have also reconnected with old friends of mine and realized how much I missed their friendship. They were there from the beginning of freshman year and I knew in my heart they were important to my life and I needed to keep them in my life.


My lifelong friends, my close friends, and my distant friends have all had an impact on my life in some way or another whether it was good or bad. I then determined what they were supposed to be teaching me about friendship and life. Friends come and go throughout the course of your life. There is a saying that says the friends that come and go teach you a lesson, while the ones who stay are meant to stay because they will support you through everything in your life.


I hope to keep these friends of mine very close to my heart and to always be there for them when they need it because they have done the same for me. I have been a happier and healthier person overall because of them, mentally and physically. I hope you all have some close or lifelong friends in your life. Even if you don’t have dozens of them, cherish the friends you do have because you never know what life might throw at you.


True friends stick together through thick and thin. Cliché, but unbelievably true. 


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