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How to Work on Being Positive when Everything is Weighing You Down

    Everyone is entitled to happiness, but how you help yourself work towards that goal is different for everyone. Here’s some tips that I have learned that help me work towards constant positivity!


  1. Put yourself first! Not to sound selfish, but it is important you stay the main character in your story. Rather that means making time for learning more about something your passionate about or using that time to organize yourself. Setting aside that time for just even a half hour a day can boost your mood.

2.   Remember that you’re not perfect, and neither are others. Friends will make mistakes, depending on the situation never forget the big picture that something things are not worth getting upset over. 

3.    Mental health is always the most important. Get sleep, eat some fruit, and do some squats.

4.    If something does not feel right or if you aren’t happy with it – change is necessary! If that means getting rid of some clothes, talking to a friend or getting a haircut, do what you need to do! 

5.    Try putting your best effort into everything you do. You’d be amazed at how much better you’ll feel about things you accomplish if you put extra time in thought to simple things that you normally would rush through! 

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