How Movie Theaters are Starting to Change

Movie theater attendance has steadily declined over the years with the emergence of Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, and other similar ideas. These days, it is much more convenient to stay in the comfort of your own home, settle in with as much food as you want, and watch a movie. You do have to wait until the movie is out of theaters, but the many alternatives are inexpensive and expansive. You don’t have to dress up, or drive, or worry about bad seats or not liking the movie. Not going to the theater has simply become the easier option.



However, movie theaters are actively working to combat this problem and prevent loss of business. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes the changes being implemented to popularize movie theaters. Many theaters are beginning to prioritize quality over quantity, meaning less auditoriums, but with extensive perks designed to improve the customer experience. The article compares two theaters, one with 22 inch seats and 16 screens, that has gone out of business, and it’s counterpart, which started offering seats nearly 5 feet wide, fewer but larger screens, and high quality food service during the movie.

This isn’t the only one. Theaters are starting to replace their standard seats with recliners, which holds less people overall but makes it a more comfortable and personal experience. They’re adding luxury food and beverage options and spending their money on high quality sound and viewing equipment. The goal? To get people out of their living rooms by providing an unforgettable experience you can only get in a theater. Some theaters are even adding attractions like a child-friendly play area or a VR section. Beyond this, consumers can reserve their seating, online or at the counter, which guarantees them a good seat.

These companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on renovations. AMC has implemented luxury recliner seats in 247 of its 640 locations. Luckily, it's paying off - already this is starting to increase revenue and popularity of movie theaters. These efforts, among those of other theaters, to cater to customers will hopefully revive the dying theater industry and encourage people to go out and sit in the lap of luxury for a couple of hours, literally.



Collegiettes, do you go to the movies?  Are you still excited to head to the movies with your friends or do you prefer to stay in with Netflix?  Leave your comments below!