How Lacoste is Raising Awareness for Endangered Species

Lacoste is best known for their famous polo shirts, embroidered with the iconic green crocodile. At one point in my life, I thought about buying one of these polo shirts: partly because I thought the crocodile was super cute, and partly because that’s what Spencer from Pretty Little Liars wore. 

After I realized that this preppy look was not really my style (at all), I never really thought about the brand again. But, the other day, a tweet popped up on my Twitter timeline, talking about Lacoste’s “Save Our Species” line. Intrigued, I clicked the link, and was brought to the Lacoste website, where there was more information on this limited capsule collection.

These words appeared on the home page:

“A limited-edition polo collection where threatened species hold the crocodile’s spot. The number of polos produced for each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild.”

Lacoste created a line of polos with various endangered species replacing their iconic green crocodile logo, selling the same number of polos as the number of that specific species left in the world. 

By doing this, Lacoste is driving home the idea that when these threatened species have “sold out”, they are truly gone. Every single polo from this collection has sold out, with all proceeds going to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Save Our Species program to aid in the fight to save these species. 

I think it's really inspiring to see such a well-known and respected brand such as Lacoste using their fame to help such a worthy cause, and hopefully their steps to save these species will inspire other brands to help as well!

Visit their website and learn more about this collection!