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How it Feels to be Back on Campus as Told by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Well folks, we are officially three weeks into the spring semester, with the first full week under our belts. Coming back to campus after the four blissful weeks of break brings with it a slew of emotions. Who better to capture those emotions than the always-hilarious cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?


Reuniting with your friends after four whole weeks apart. 

Hearing your alarm go off for your 8 a.m.

Discovering your best class friend is in that 8 a.m.

Your professors handing out the class syllabus.

Getting assigned homework on the first day of class.

Trying to stop yourself from procrastinating… already.

When “Zombie Nation” comes on in The Kennel for the first time of the semester.

Enduring the freezing cold January & February winter days.

When it’s finally Friday & you can enjoy the weekend with all your best pals.

Hitting your groove & feeling ready to take on the rest of the semester.

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