How to Deal With Homesickness

Whether it is your first year at Gonzaga or your fourth year, homesickness is bound to hit at some point. Freshman year is packed with lots of orientation events and activities to keep students busy, but once everything gets settled down and school begins, missing family and friends begins as well. Even during sophomore, junior and senior year, homesickness can hit at any point and it can be hard to get through. It is a totally natural emotion that a lot of people experience, but here are a few tips to get through it!

1. Realize that your family and friends are just one call, text or Facetime away.

Nowadays, keeping in touch with those you love is efficient and a lot easier than it used to be. Facetime is a great option so you can physically hear and see your family and friends. One suggestion is to keep a schedule with your parents so you can catch up whenever is best for you and them. Knowing that you scheduled a Facetime call with your parents in a few days really helps to push through. It is something to look forward to and keep you going!

2. Make sure to get involved.

This might be a typical suggestion most colleges advise you to do, but it can keep your mind off of missing home. Along with keeping busy, getting involved in clubs or intramural is a great way to make a few new friends!

3. Know that many of your peers are feeling the same way.

Those friends that you just made through getting involved are most likely feeling a little homesickness too! Nobody is alone with that feeling and it helps to talk about it with people who understand what you are going through. 

4. Bring pieces of home with you to school.

Having a little (or big) piece of home in your new dorm or house makes it feel more like home. Pictures can do the trick, a blanket or pillow from home, or anything to remind you of it! This also allows you to feel more comfortable in the new space and gives you some familiar feelings. 


Remember that homesickness is completely natural that most everybody experiences at one point or another. If at any point it is overwhelming, there are plenty of resources and advisors on campus there to help! You totally got it!