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Highlights From the Oscars: What You Missed

The Oscars took place on Sunday, February 26th and went on for multiple hours, so it’s understandable if you were unable to watch it due to undone homework or even just the overall time commitment it is. So, if you were unable to view it live, we’ve got you covered with the top ten moments of the evening!


The Way Hailee Steinfeld Looked 

Boldly stepping onto the red carpet in a fierce sheer dress, Hailee looked just as beautiful as one would expect her to.


Meryl Streep’s Standing Ovation

She may be “overrated,” but you can’t deny greatness when it’s been nominated 20 times.


Auli’I Cravalho’s STUNNING Performance

She may be only 16, but wow does that girl have pipes. She even powered through the performance after getting hit in the head with one of the blue flags being waved behind her.


The Parachutes that Delivered Sweets

From donuts to lemon heads, the Oscars ceiling had it all! Despite these white parachutes’ eerie similarity to the bomb parachutes in Mockingjay, they were still an innovative touch.


Viola Davis’ Emotional Speech

After winning a Tony in 2010 and now an Oscar in 2017, Viola’s inspirational and heartfelt speech about Fences and the playwright, August Wilson, was truly a highlight of the evening.


The Mickey Mouse Club Reunion You Didn’t Know You Needed

Need I say more?


Seth Rogan and Michael J. Fox’s Discussion About the Schuler Sisters

With Hamilton references galore, Seth Rogan sang a little bit of nominee Lin Manuel Miranda’s smash hit musical, Hamilton, and allegedly fulfilled his bucket list.


Lin Manuel Miranda’s Date Was His Mom

And his smile was as radiant as ever. What a gift he is. Truly a “national treasure,” as stated by host Jimmy Kimmel.


Matt Damon – The Award Show’s Personal Punching Bag

Among the multitudes of accolades of the evening, Matt Damon seemed to only receive hate.  From being Jimmy Kimmel’s roast subject, to being referred to as Ben Affleck’s “guest,” to having the play out music drown him out as he announced the nominees, Matt Damon certainly took a few hits tonight.


The Winner Confusion

Who even won? We don’t even know? (Actually we do, it was Moonlight.) But you’d think Steve Harvey was in charge of this thing with the false alarm that occurred involving La La Land.


This year’s Oscars honored so many amazing films, along with the actors and directors involved.  We hope you get a chance to see these fantastic works of art soon!


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