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HC Gonzaga’s Guide to Studying On Campus

Hey Zags! There is only one more Monday left in the year, which means that both summer and finals are right around the corner. As the studying starts to pick up in preparation for exams, it is important to find a good study spot to buckle down and focus. As such, here are some of my favorite study spots on campus.

Foley Library

If you haven’t studied here yet there are lots of resources and a variety of environments to meet your study needs: from group study on the first floor to silent study on the third floor. It fills up fast during finals so make sure to get there early to get a table!


This is right next to Hemmingson so if you need to grab a snack you don’t have to go too far. Rosauer has a lot of space to accommodate students and also has whiteboards that you can use to practice chemical reactions and math computations. Make sure to bring a dry erase marker though because they run out fast!

College Hall

If you want to host a study session with friends or need to practice a presentation, college hall is the perfect place for you to study. It has lots of different classrooms that are available and you don’t have to sign up to use them. There is plenty of space and chairs to accommodate your study buddies and also a computer and projector to help you nail your speech.


If you prefer to study in a place that has a bit more background activity, definitely go to Hemmingson. They have study rooms that you can reserve, lots of tables on the main floor, and the Hemm Den downstairs. There are also places to satisfy your study snack cravings and sometimes they give out FREE study care packages during finals week…. This is probably one of the busiest study locations on campus so plan to get there early.



Is anyone else loving the nice weather we’ve had recently? Don’t miss out on the sunshine just to get some studying in. There are plenty of spots on campus to spread out a blanket and look over your notes: look no further than Foley Lawn or Lake Arthur for the perfect blend of sunshine and productivity.


I hope this was helpful and you have an idea of the location where you can study most effectively. Remember to breath and take lots of study breaks – check out our other articles for our best ideas on how to spend those moments away from the textbooks and laptops!

We are so close – you got this!



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