Guess what?! It is finally the spookiest time of the year! I’m sure all of the hilarious memes of pumpkins and skeletons have gotten all of us in the fall mood, me included. There are so many amazing things to look forward to in October, and so many ways to celebrate the pumpkin spice, cool weather, and Halloween! Not a fan of any of these things? Here are some things that make this month so much fun that might help you enjoy it just as much as I do!

October means…



                  And I mean, literally everything! (Lattes, donuts, candies, air fresheners…)




                  We can dress comfortably or look like we're wearing our boyfriend’s sweatshirt (it’s actually just a large) without any judgment! It’s cold, and all I want to do is be comfy in class. Some of your neighborhood thrift shops sell the cutest oversized sweaters.



                  This September has been surprisingly warm. Now that it’s about time the weather cools down, it means the leaves on the trees outside our dorm room windows are going to look BEAUTIFUL! Take in the beauty around you when walking around campus, because those beautiful orange and red colors are going to be gone soon!



                  Ladies… let’s be honest. Now that it’s cold out, we get to wear leggings and jeans ALL THE TIME. In other words, we are no longer required to shave our legs everyday! PRAISE THE LORD. Plus, a hot shower feels so much better when it’s cold outside.



                  From cozy Uggs to fancy riding boots, wearing boots with your favorite fall outfit is so cute and the fashion trend of fall.  They make such a huge fashion statement and look amazing with basically anything.  Not sure how to wear them? Sometimes, me neither, but Pinterest has fall fashion trends galore!



                  FINALLY! One of the most exciting holidays for any college campus is here!  Haunted houses, scary movie marathon events, and trick-or-treating in the dorms make the spirit of Halloween more fun in college than at home, so go enjoy it!  To make Halloween more enjoyable, come up with some matching costumes for you and your roommates to have fun with! I know me and my roommates already have some costumes planned, now we just have to get through midterms! 


If you aren't a fan of October, just remember we are that much closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas and seeing our parents again! But if you are like me, then live up the beautiful October and fall days, because they will be gone soon enough!