Get to Know Ciara Constanzo and Grady Foster

Ciara Costanzo and Grady Foster are roommates this year. For this week’s profile, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to feature two wonderful ladies rather than just one individual.  These are two of the funniest, kindest, and all around greatest people on campus, so I’d like for you to get to know the marvelous Ciara Costanzo and Grady Foster!

1.    Age/Year:

           C: 19/Class of 2018 

           G: 20/Sophomore 

2. Hometown:

            C: Foster City, CA 

            G: Denver, CO

3. Major:

           C: Psychology  

           G: Theatre Arts/ Communication Studies

4. Favorite quote:

C: "Life is too important to be taken seriously."  -Oscar Wilde 

G: “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination.” –John Keats 


5. Favorite TV show:

           C: Modern Family  

           G: At the moment, House of Cards is LIFE. 

6. Dream Job:

C: While I'm still young definitely Disney Princess, but when I'm too old for that, SNL Cast Member. 

G: An actress. But that isn’t all that realistic these days so my back up is a CIA Agent. 

7. Favorite Instagram filter/Insta username:

C: I'm a fan of 'stinson,' but every picture calls for an individual analysis of which filter fits best, so stinson isn't always the best way to go! Truly I'm a fan of all of the filters except 'kelvin,' sorry kelvin! - @its_sha_ciara

G:  I prefer Afterlight buuuuut if I have to choose, Reyes. - gfos11 

8. Perfect Pizza:

C: Gluten free and dairy free pizza with pepperoni (I do not actually prefer gluten free and dairy free pizza, but my stomach and taste buds are not in agreement on that.)  

G: Thin crust, pesto, chicken, a ridiculous amount of bacon, mozzarella, and black olives.  

9. Favorite thing about Gonzaga:

C: My favorite thing about Gonzaga is definitely the people. It may be a clichè to say "the community" but there is a reason that it is so hyped up! Zags are amazing. Plus the culture here allows me to feel actually normal wearing stocks and socks.

G: I love sitting in Upper Crosby and taking surprise naps, stalking people with snapchat as they walk by, and taking artsy-fartsy pics of campus through the windows.