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GEL Weekend Here We Come!

Are you ready to have the campus filled with prospective students? During April 14th and 15th, there will be over 500 accepted high school seniors on campus, all potential new Zags!


GEL weekend is an opportunity where accepted seniors get to come experience a weekend on campus before they make their decision on what school they will attend in the fall. The weekend consists of jam-packed activities which allow accepted students to get to know people on campus. This year, the GEL weekend theme is BE You at GU!  This theme emphasizes the genuine personalities people at GU have. These genuine people who attend GU are many times the reason why prospective students decide to join the Gonzaga family.


One of the main parts of GEL weekend is small group activities. This not only allows people to get to know people in their small group, but they are also able to ask their small group leaders questions about life on campus or any other questions that they may have.


The prospective students will be staying with GU students who have volunteered their time and space to host a prospective student. The host student will be hanging out with the prospective student all weekend long and showing them how great GU is. How great is that? Being a smaller school, it makes opportunities like these possible.


I personally took part in GEL weekend when I was deciding on where I wanted to come to school. I loved the feeling I had when I was on campus and the people I met were one of the main reasons why I chose GU as my home for four years. Knowing that, take this experience to heart when these students are visiting campus. They are coming to see what GU is all about and we would love them for them all to be future Zags!



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