Friendships Compatibilities - Horoscopes Week of 4/24/17- 4/30/17

These weeks before finals are stressful, we completely understand! Do you need some help deciding who to turn towards this week? No worries, we got you!


Aries March 21 – April 19

At the beginning of the week, your quick and fiery wit will attract crowds full exciting friendships. Aries, with your outgoing attitude it is safe to assume that Leos and Sagittarius will find you. It’s important to remember that while Leos are fun and can be great at partying, don't forget that they are extremely loyal. Recently you have been in need of trustworthy and reliable friends who will support you through hard times. Whether those hard times are personal matters or studying for a super hard test, an Aquarius may be your key. They are perfect at companionship, sounds nice, right? Don’t focus on pleasing everyone this week, Aries. This week is about you and what you need… stability!


Taurus April 20 – May 20

Building friendships, for you, is a long process that you put endless effort into. We commend you Taurus! With your positive outlook, you are definitely helping others around you but who will help you? Looking for a Gemini will do wonders for you this week. They are amazing at giving inspiration and cultivating creative ideas. At the end of the week you will need someone to help you get down to business and ready for finals coming up. You would study well with a Scorpio because they are usually leaders rather than followers. Sounds like the the perfect library buddy!


Gemini May 21 – June 22

Oh Gemini, we know you love dynamic and quick paced friendships. You love when people text back automatically or even better…. Call! Crazy, right? Libra and Aquarius are very great at communicating and keeping their promises. You also demand that your friends are very open and willing to talk about anything. Sagittarius are not only great at talking but also at keeping secrets! Just remember not to get too caught up in everything this week, Gemini. Sometimes walking is way better than a sprint.



Cancer June 23 – July 22

Your motherly and sensitive characteristics require friends who are down to earth and able to be as deep as the Pacific Ocean. Pisces and Scorpio will always be supportive and there when you need them the most during this week. When looking for advice later this week, turn to a Leo and they will guide you to the right direction. Your week seems to be filled with serious decisions and problems but don't worry for too long! Libra is very easy to get along with and creates fun. This weekend will be the perfect way to end your week.



Leo July 23 – Aug 22

You may want to forget about all of your commitments this week and party all day but don't do it girl! Prediction: you will regret it! This week is all about not letting your hard work go these last few weeks. You tend to build yourself up and then at the last minute want to procrastinate. Find a Taurus or a Scorpio to keep you on track. These signs are very dependable and known for helping others. After you have finished all of your work this week, find other Leos or a Gemini to hang out with and go to the movies or grab brunch.


Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22

While you have been studying for finds for weeks already, you love having friends who are willing to review material with you and pull all-nighters! At the beginning of the week turn towards a Taurus or Cancer for guidance and emotional support. The middle of the week may be very stressful for you because it seems like everything is due all at once. Don't worry, your Pisces friends will be able to get you out of this funk! They have the amazing ability to inspire people and make someone see their value. Just what you need this week! Dont settle this weekend. Make sure people treat you like the princess you are!


Libra Sept 23 – Oct 22

Your open mind puts you in the perfect opportunity to make new friends this week!  Gemini and Aquarius will gravitate toward you because they share the same characteristics as you, love someone who can stay in and eat ice cream, and someone who can go out all night. In the middle of the week, search for a Aries to study with. They are very good at tackling challenges and will help you get into the right mindset for finals. End the week on a positive note by hanging out with a Leo and having a good long, make you tear up kind of laughing fit!


Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Are your expectations and standards for people too high? Don't change! Your standard perfection allows you to draw in the best friends anyone could ever ask for. This week seems very tense, so it is wise to keep loving and nurturing Cancer and Pisces around. With studying and finals around the corner, you loathe people who don't follow through or can't work in a group. This weekend, study with Leo and Aquarius because they are reliable and strong intellectuals who can stand their ground. Be careful with getting too involved in extracurricular activities this week. Save some time for yourself to relax, Scorpio.



Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

This week you will need friends who encourage you to maintain your freedom. Leo and fearless Aries are perfect influences for confidence and independence! With all these final papers piling up it seems like you have been in hibernation all winter… time to get out! Sagittarius, you deserve to party it up this week. Look for a Virgo as your “confidante” or your new “partner in crime”. They are always willing to be loyal, trustworthy, and know how to get up a dance on a table if needed! The end of the week will allow you to have the fun you need and relaxation just before finals!



Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19

Don't let opportunities pass you by this week Capricorn! You have a tendency to push yourself out of interactions due to your independence. While being independent is great, this week you will need to rely on someone. At the beginning of the week, some implications with miscommunication will pop up but turning to a Virgo will do you good. They are level headed, very good at giving advice and the best at keeping their mouth shut! Get outside your comfort zone during the weekend whether that be at party or the movies! Cancer are great people to try new stuff with because they always make wherever you are feel like home.


Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

Aquarius, this week is the time to get stuff done! It is extremely important to start at the beginning of the week so you don't feel overwhelmed towards the end. Leo and Capricorn are great friends for getting things in motion while having a good time as well. You may need help studying this week for upcoming exams, but don't worry! Libra and Gemini are always reliable and the easiests signs for you to get along with! This week should be a great learning experience.



Pisces Feb 29 – March 20

This week seems pretty relaxed for you, Pisces! Your hardwork and dedication is finally paying off with some well deserved Netflix time. In the beginning of the week, make sure to set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with positive people such as Cancer. You tend to draw in other people’s attitudes even if they are negative, so be careful! This weekend, with your extra time, get off campus and go on an adventure. Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius are all level headed but also enjoy going with the flow.


Now get out there and conquer the world!