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Everything You Can Look Forward To This Winter Break!

Everyone is quite excited to be done with finals and get back home. We have all worked extra hard to study for our major tests and pack all we need for our month break. But when you get home, what are you going to do? How are you going to maximize the break? I thought about this a couple weeks ago when I was making my travel plans to get back home. I decided to make a bucket list for Christmas break. Something to look back to when I need something to do. Although my list is personal, there are a few things on there that I think might be fun for everyone.


1. The first thing on my list is to binge watch a show on Netflix. Being home will be a great time for me to relax so why not be productive? I have not had the opportunity to watch Stranger Things so that is what I will be watching when I am planted on my couch.


2. Where I am from, there are some beautiful hikes during the winter time. I would not consider myself a avid hiker, but I love getting outdoors when the snow is around. No matter where you are from, getting out and going on a day trip with people you love will be a great way to relax.


3. A more Christmas themed activity that I have listed is watching Christmas movies while making a ginger bread house. It is tradition that I make one with my best friend while we watch a funny Christmas movie. Sometimes a mindless activity like that can be exactly what you need.


4. I have started about three pleasure books while I have been here at school but have not had time to finish them. I am bringing them all back with me and I plan on finishing them all and maybe start some new ones. It is amazing how fun reading is when it is not forced on you.


5. Santa pictures in my family are a must. And you already know my mom makes us dress up in color coordinating outfits. Every year we get “wow you guys look great!’ from the photographer. Besides the embarrassing moments every year, Santa pictures can be a fun thing to do with your friends. Or, if you got your siblings to go with you, the picture would be a great present for your mom.


Being home for break will be so fun if you make it fun. Having a plan is a good idea in order to get it all in. The month will fly by. Enjoy it Zags!

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