Don't Be Spooked By College Fashion Week

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Hey there HC!

College Fashion Week JUST passed by, but we are here to share with you the products that made it spook-tacular (i'm still in the halloween spirit!)


eos: Organic Lip Balm in Tropical Mango

This lip balm is a LIFESAVER, especially with the cold weather coming up. Make sure to snag one of their products next time you see them!


Primark: Beanies

Primark's "Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices" is an understatement! This beanie is so soft and so perfect for a pop of color during these gloomy months!


Almay: Goddess Gloss

Almay's Goddess Gloss is about to be the HOTTEST gloss of the season, coming in a variety of colors that compliment all women!


VELCRO® Brand: HANGables® Removable Wall Fasteners

These are JUST what a girl needs to get her dorm room looking LIT! Check them out next time you're at the store. You won't regret it!