DIY: Make Your Own Terrarium

Terrariums are undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in home décor, and they are a simple way to bring a little green into a dorm room or apartment. The best part? Terrariums are surprisingly easy to make, and even easier to care for!

The materials you need are: a glass container, rocks, activated charcoal, peat moss, potting soil, various plants, and any decorative items you would like featured in your one of a kind terrarium. 


Step 1: After making sure that your glass container is clean, fill the bottom with about 1 inch of small rocks, which allow the water to drain properly.

Step 2: Spread a thin layer, roughly ¼ inch, of activated charcoal over the rocks. While this might seem like an unnecessary step, the activated charcoal plays an important role in a terrarium- it ensures your plants stay mold free and fresh (aka alive).


Step 3: On top of the charcoal, create a ¼ inch thick layer of peat moss. Peat is a type of moss that readily retains water (16-26 times as much water retention as its dry weight- yay plants!!), making it ideal for terrariums.

Step 4: Cover the peat with 1-2 inches of regular potting soil, depending on how tall your container is.

Step 5: Add plants! Choose anything that is relatively small and slow growing- you don’t want your terrarium to become too crowded. Simply dig a small hole in the soil, place your plant, and cover the roots with soil. (Succulents are a great choice!)


Step 6: Add rocks, shells, sea glass, etc. at the base of the plants to bring some color and personalization to your terrarium.

Step 7: Water the plants and ta-da! You’ve made your own terrarium! Make sure to keep your terrarium receives plenty of sunlight, and water the plants about once a week.