On Campus Resources for Sexual Harassment

Since April is sexual harassment and assault awareness month, Gonzaga is offering events to inform and prevent sexual harassment on campus and in the community. Along with these events, there are many resources on campus to turn to if you or a friend need any assistance or support. 


A great place to start when seeking help regarding any assault is Health & Counseling Services.  Along with offering help for physical health, they have trained counselors who focus on the wellness of each student. It is a confidential setting and they can provide mental and physical support for those affected by sexual harassment and assault. They can be found on the north side of campus at 704 E Sharp Ave. 


If emergency help is needed, Campus Security and Public Safety is the place to contact. They are available every hour of everyday and can respond to any sexual misconduct situation on campus. Their number is (509) 313-2222 so don’t hesitate to call if immediate action is needed.                       


As a part of Gonzaga Title IX regulations, the university has a responsibility to respond to any report of sexual misconduct and harassment. Full information on what the regulation is and how to file a report is in the Gonzaga Student Handbook. 


An extra place to check out is Gonzaga’s Center for Cura Personalis. This center helps with a multitude of cases and offers extra connections to on and off campus resources. They focus on each student by supporting them and finding exactly what they need to get help. It also organizes programs to inform and prevent sexual assault. Check out their website for their information and all the awesome resources they provide. 


If you or a friend needs help, definitely take advantage of Gonzaga’s resources. They can be helpful and beneficial to anyone affected by sexual harassment and assault. Check out the events on campus this week to get informed and get involved!