Bored? Try These Activities Instead of Your Phone

It’s all too easy to automatically grab your phone when you get bored and mindlessly scroll through your favorite apps and games. In fact, we can waste hours just sitting on the couch or in bed swiping away when we should and could be doing something else. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve wasted by doing literally nothing, just messing around on my device. And let’s not forget about the crappy feeling afterwards when you realize a whole day is gone and you literally got dumber just sitting there. Here are some easy and fun alternatives to your phone that stimulate your brain, make you feel good and let you actually get something done!


1.        Read a good book

           Settle into a comfy chair, grab a book and something nice to drink and let yourself relax for a bit!

2.         Work out

            No time like the present to start working on that beach bod!

3.         Clean your room

            Why not try and be productive?

4.         Homework

            It has to get done eventually…

5.         Daydream

            A great way to spark creativity and zone out for a while. 

6.         Eat!

            Food is always a great answer. Try a new recipe if you're feeling adventurous! (See #8!)

7.         Draw something or color

            You could be the next Picasso if you give yourself the chance!

8.         Cook or bake something

            Easy, fun, and extremely rewarding.

9.         Sleep

            Everyone’s favorite thing.

10.       Go outside

            Connecting with nature is always a good idea

11.       Plan an activity

           Spend time with people, create new memories

12.       Try something new!

            You might just find your next hobby!