9 Things I Wish I Knew Going Into Freshman Year

Freshman year is coming to a close, and there are many things I wish I knew before arriving at Gonzaga to prepare myself for the biggest transition I have ever encountered. Here are a few things I've learned during this year of major change!

1. Buy more socks.

If you’re anything like me or most students, socks tend to just disappear in the laundry room. Still not sure how that happens but halfway through my first year I found myself with 7 pairs of socks. Do yourself a favor and buy that extra pack. 


2. It is okay to miss out.

I know it seems like missing one event may make or break a new friendship but chances are that friendship will survive the one time you took a nap instead. 

3. Remember everyone is in the same boat as you!

People will make mistakes and struggle as they develop who they are!  Be patient and remember everyone has a different way of dealing with stress and their emotions. 


4. Make time for yourself.

Attempt to put yourself first at least once a week to FaceTime an old friend, put on a face mask, or watch that movie that makes you feel at home.


5. Crying is healthy!

College is a crazy time and it can be emotional. A few extra tears may feel like you’re being over-emotional, but it is important to cut yourself some slack!


6. Drink water.

I know this is an easy one, but sometimes life can be so busy you may forget to prioritize this simple task.


7. It is okay if you change direction from what you had planned.

If you find yourself no longer happy with your day-to-day routine, take a look around at what aspects may be worth changing. There is always the chance that you realize you want to start on a different career path and that is okay too - college is about experimentation!


8. You don’t have to get crazy involved right away.

Start slow. Evaluate what truly makes you happy.  Your time is most likely pretty limited. 


9. Remember to trust yourself.

You’re wherever you are for a reason. Trust the process. 


I can't wait to see what sophomore year has in store!  Comment below what you wish you had known before your first year at college!