7 Ways to Style a Basic White Tee

Although the simplicity of a white t-shirt can be refreshing, sometimes you might feel the need to turn up the volume and make a basic white tee…well, a little less basic. Here are some easy ways to make your white t-shirt outfits anything but boring!

1. Add a little edge to your white t-shirt outfit with a denim jacket, ripped jeans, and your favorite pair of sneakers.



2. In this case, a little goes a long way. A simple black slip dress totally revamps a basic white tee, making your outfit look feminine and fresh. 



3. Who doesn't love a pair of comfy joggers?? Paired with a soft white shirt, this look is effortlessly beautiful.



4. Adding a knitted cardigan to your white t-shirt outfit not only adds a refreshing pop of color, but also keeps you nice and warm when the temperature drops outside.  



5. Throw on your favorite pair of mom jeans and some chunky black booties with your white tee for some killer cool girl vibes. 



6. Layered necklaces and a lace bralette are easy yet chic ways to amp up a simple white tee. (PRO TIP: Target sells super cute bralettes for a fraction of the cost of other stores like Free People!!)

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7. The denim skirt trend is back and better than ever! The combination of a white t-shirt and a denim skirt looks classy and sophisticated.