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7 Things To Make You Happier Before Finals

Finals are stressful for everyone that has to encounter them. Here are seven tips on how to help de-stress while studying for finals. 

Lovable Dogs

Who wouldn’t get happy just looking at cute pictures or gifs of dogs? Dogs have a way about them that makes you want to keep them and love them forever. Big, small, skinny, fat, fluffy, soft, playful, and shy dogs – they all offer something to love. I hope that these gifs of adorable dogs help ease your stressful week or at least make you smile. 



Sweet Cats

Cats are also fluffy balls of cuteness that offer de-stressing factors.  Just petting a cat can be de-stressing, but since I can’t give you that, I can at least give you these cute gifs of kitties to make you smile. 


You Are No Longer Deprived of Vitamin D

The sun has finally returned from the depths of winter! The only problem is that it has returned during the time that we all need to hunker down and study. However, that does not mean that you cannot go out and enjoy the sun for an hour or two. You can still study outside even if it may be distracting or you can use outside time as a break from studying because your brain does need a break sometimes. Just make sure not to forget sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid getting sun burnt right before finals. 



No More Homework

End of the semester means no more homework and busywork to do! Yes you may still have projects or essays to finish, but hey once you do those you have no more homework for those classes and you are DONE! The one of the best things about college is that you don’t get assigned summer homework for your future classes for the next semester (minus summer courses). Cheers for no homework for 3 ½ months!



You Are Almost Done With Another Semester

Along the same topic, once finals are over you have officially completed another semester! Whoo hoo! If you are a senior, congratulations on graduating from college! If you are not a senior, then congrats on putting another semester in the books and moving forward through college! Classes can be difficult and classes can be fun, but it is rewarding to know you completed the courses you needed to further your education and finished the ones you may not have liked.



Summer is So Close

With the sun out, we can look forward to sunny skies, lazy lake days, and warm summer nights that comes with the season of summer. The nice weather we are receiving now is teasing us for what we have to look forward to after finals. So push through these final two weeks and do your best because summer will be there to reward you for all your hard work! 



Finally Getting to Go Home

This is something that I believe everyone looks forward to, unless you prefer Spokane over your hometown, is getting to go back home. I don’t get homesick that often, but when I do I look forward to finally going home by counting down the days. I get excited for home cooked meals, seeing my pets and family again, and of course being back in my hometown that I love so much. Being away for college has made me appreciate my hometown more than before. I hope all of you look forward to going back home wherever or whatever that means for you and get to have fun or relax this summer.



Hopefully some of these things helped you to feel a little bit happier before this finals week and maybe made you look forward to going home or for the summer. I wish you the best of luck on all your final tests and projects! I believe in you and know you have the strength and energy to make it through!


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