7 Fall Essentials You Can Buy at the Thrift Store

With the changing of seasons comes the inevitable changing of leaves, crisp mornings, pumpkin spice-flavored everything… and a need for a wardrobe up-do. Although the idea of revamping your fall wardrobe can be daunting for many college students (myself included), frugal fashionistas can rejoice in the plethora of fall offerings found at your local thrift store. Fall essentials are not limited to clothing: if carefully planned, there’s also room in your budget for fun fall room decor! Grab a pumpkin spice latte and behold the following fall essentials that you can find at virtually any second-hand store.


1.) Flannels

Personally, I have accumulated an absurd number of flannels from both Value Village and the locally-run thrift store by my house. It’s a ridiculous collection, but a useful one: flannels are an essential layer for any season!

2.) Bomber Jackets

This trendy outerwear is also trendy among older men, so don’t be afraid to look in the men’s section! In addition to bomber jackets, you might score on other vintage outerwear to add a touch of warmth to your flannel-and-boots combo.

3.) Grandma sweaters

The best sweaters are the ones that can be worn by both your 80 year-old grandma and a fashionable twenty-something-year-old.

4.) Vintage jewelry

Most thrift stores have an expansive jewelry section with various knick-knacks, bangles, and even cool pins to add a little pizzazz to your jackets or purse.

5.) Oversized cardigans

Again, don’t be afraid of venturing into the Men’s section! The best cardigans are often found in the least expected places, and you’ll tend to find more muted tones and neutral patterns that complement any outfit.

6.) Mom Jeans

Add patches, holes, and fringe to your thrifted jeans, and even try layering them over patterned tights. The joy of thrifted clothing is that it’s CHEAP, granting you the freedom to D-I-Y without the fear of wasting too many precious pennies.

7.) Fall-themed home decor!!!

Similar to the Island of Misfit Toys, thrift shops are designated locations for abandoning seasonal decor that has been left in the garage and/or attic for eons. This is where college students come in, armed with Pinterest boards, chalkboard paint, and a bit of glitter. We may not have a lot of money to spend, but we have creativity on our side!