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5 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had About This Endless Winter

With spring break finally in sight (10 days readers!), one would think that winter would be over and sunny days are clearly ahead, right?  So wrong. Although it is still February which is definitely still winter in Spokane, it’s almost March which usually means no snow and temperatures warmer than 35 degrees. I guess Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.  Personally, I like winter just as much as the next person, however I’m so ready for warmer weather and I know I’m not alone. Here are 5 thoughts you’ve probably had about this endless Spokane winter.


1. *wakes up to snow falling* Seriously, again?!



2. I wonder when I’ll be able to wear flip flops again?


3. *grabs parka out of closet* So we meet again.



4. I’m so ready to breakup with my winter boots.



5. Hey, maybe the temperature will be above 35 degrees today…but probably not.



Well, luckily we do have all four seasons here in Spokane, so spring and sunshine will be here at somepoint! In the meantime, take all the pictures of this winter wonderland you can! Stay warm collegiettes!

Kristen Jost

Gonzaga '19

Kristen is a senior at Gonzaga University studying a communication and promotion. She is a social media coordinator for her chapter as well as an executive board member and founding member. After college, she hopes to travel before settling down to work for a marketing firm that specializes in sports and higher education branding. Her hobbies include: watching sporting events, wandering around book stores, drinking too much coffee, discovering new places, and staying active outdoors.
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