The 5 Best Things About Gonzaga Basketball

Basketball season is just around the corner! With our first ticket distribution just this past Sunday, students are getting more excited and more anxious for the upcoming season, the West Coast Conference, and March Madness! Here are some of the best parts about the upcoming season that we as Zags can’t wait for!  

1: Zombie Nation

                  For all Zags, we know that the second we hear that song before the game starts, Zombie Nation is about to start too! Zombie Nation is a fun and exciting way we start each game, creating anticipation for the game and energy for the student section.

2: Tent City

                  TENT CITY! The most competitive way for students to get involved, and the most fun experience (and COLD!).  Getting together with your friends and bundling up in your little tent, hoping you have a good place in line for the game tomorrow, and getting ready to beat our rivals creates a fun atmosphere for all of the students involved and even comes with a party at the end of the night!

3: Being One of the Top 10 Student Sections

         announced Gonzaga basketball’s student section the 7th best student section in America.  Knowing this, Zags strive to be better and better each year, topping the spirit of our rival schools.  This ranking gets us Zags more excited to show how spirited we really are year after year.

4: Seeing yourself on TV  

                 True Zags know that their parents are ALWAYS watching the big game back home, and they're most likely looking for you too.  Then, when you finally get the text saying, “YOU’RE ON TV” we all get that sudden excitement for being noticed! It’s exciting and gets you pumped up to hopefully be on ESPN again during the next game.

5: Winning

                  We are a supportive school, hoping for the best for all of our athletes here at Gonzaga.  The moment our basketball team wins their game, we are all immediately ecstatic for our team and for each other. We all win and we all lose together, and no matter what, we will always be at the next game.


"They go to school, they do their homework, they shake hands, they say please and thank you, but once you throw that ball up they will rip your heart out and watch you bleed." -  ESPN analyst Jay Bilas