5 Amazing Teas to Help You Get Through Finals

No matter if you are a freshman or a senior, finals week is always a stressful time for college students.  Often times, it can be time consuming to find ways to relax from the constant build up of studying for exams, cramming in those last minute assignments, or whatever else you have piled on during this stressful week.  However, making a nice cup of tea is quick, easy, and one of the best ways to relieve some stress.

Here are some of my favorite teas you can make at home or quickly order at your local Starbucks!


Matcha Maker by Good Earth

This delicious green tea is an instant pick-me-up AND a tasty treat. Unlike many other teas you may have tried, this one has a kick of matcha that is so delicious, you will fall in love! Even for the days where you are not looking for a pick-me-up and would rather have some tea to relax you, this tea is still a great way to treat yourself after a successful day of studying.

Sick Tea from Starbucks

Often times, prolonged stress in our bodies can react in negative ways, most likely resulting in us getting sick! Fight back that cold you feel coming on with Starbuck’s “Sick Tea”. Although it sounds like a simple order, sometimes the baristas do not know what's in it. Here is what to ask for: Mint Majesty tea, steamed lemonade (instead of water), and some honey! This tea is a quick cure to any ailment and a delicious substitute for your average tea.

Chamomile Tea

This classic tea is one you can buy basically anywhere. Known for it’s calming affects, chamomile tea is perfect for when your mind is racing and you need to find a way to relax. It is also great for helping you fall asleep to get enough rest before the big test!

Honey Lavender Stress Relief by Yogi

This flavor of tea is my absolute favorite! It is designed to have medicinal elements to help relieve stress.  With a variety of different herbal supplements to choose from, I highly suggest looking into the many teas “Yogi” has to offer!

Any tea from Atticus Coffee shop downtown!

One of the most popular shops in downtown Spokane, Atticus book and coffee shop sells a number of different teas you can try IN BULK! Each one is delicious and perfectly designed for anyone’s taste.  They also sell mugs, tea pots, strainers, and whatever you need to have the perfect tea-making collection!

Don’t let the stress of finals get you down. Drink some tea, relax, and look forward to summer!