10 Things Gonzaga Girls Say (as Told by Boston College Girls)

This year we have had the pleasure of being Sister Chapters with the Her Campus chapter at Boston College.  Their Campus Correspondents, Molly and Vanessa, and their team recently got to FaceTime our team over here in Spokane.  We loved getting to talk to them and share some of the funny sayings Zags say.  We had them guess what each of our funny sayings mean to see how close they could get to the real meaning.  We had so much fun laughing with them and hearing what they thought of us Zags! 

'Sko Zags 

The girls at BC correctly guessed what our favorite saying on campus is!  They thought it had something to do with a sports cheer, which is pretty accurate!  You can always hear somebody on campus saying Sko Zags, especially during basketball season! 

Tent City

BC girls thought our one of our beloved traditions was something to do with housing.  Unfortunately, they weren't quite right, but they were very impressed with our dedication to our basketball games.  Sleeping outside in below freezing weather probably sounded crazy to them! 

Bulldawg Bowl 

While the Boston College girls thought this might have been our cafeteria, we all know the Bulldawg Bowl to be the ONLY football game of the season.  Everyone loves to go out and cheer on either CM or DeSmet, plus it's always a good excuse to tailgate. 

Zombie Nation

 One of the funniest answers the BC girls gave was thinking our anthem was a library.  Both Kristen Jost and I laughed out loud thinking if they played Zombie Nation in the library.  We all know this song as our biggest pump-up jam before our big games (aka all of them) and we wouldn't know Zag Basketball without it. 


The Boston College girls got this one exactly right!  Everyone knows about the sketchy elevator in College Hall that you should definitely avoid, unless you're running behind! 

3rd Floor College Hall is a Dead End

While the girls in Boston thought this might have something to do with stairs that don't go anywhere, we have all felt the panic when you walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor of College Hall and run into the Student Chapel.  Seeing the scared freshmen when they can't find their class because they don't know how to get to the other side is always laughable during the first week of school. Don't try to cut through the Chapel if you don't want to get a look from a priest! 

Cookie Night

BC girls thought this might be a night where the COG gave out free cookies, and I wish that were the case!  The line coming out of SubCo one the first cookie night of the year is hard to miss, especially because we all know how good the cookies taste! 

The Hemmy

Boston College girls thought our newest student center might have been some sort of school wide formal, which would be a cool name for a formal, but we all know it as the place where we can get Starbucks or ice cream all night long.  How different our campus atmosphere would be without the Hemmingson! 

Crosby Couches

Freshmen you might not know this one, but the girls at BC thought they were some super comfy couches on campus.  This is true!  Last year Crosby was home to the comfiest couches, the mailroom and it was a perfect place to study.  But don't worry, the couches have been relocated to the downstairs of Hemmingson so you can still study on them! 

Undefeated since 1941

I guess the Boston College girls must know a little bit about us as they guessed it was about our nonexistent football team.  Although we are big contenders in basketball (can you say Number 8??) we haven't had a football team since the beginning of World War II. But the Bulldawg Bowl makes up for it, I think! 


We have loved collaborating with our Sister Chapter and we look forward to doing more fun work with them next semester!