10 Songs Turning 10 in 2017

10 years ago, the Nintendo DS was the most popular Christmas gift, JK Rowling released the final installment of Harry Potter, and the third Shrek movie was released. In 2007, current college students were between the ages of 8 and 12, and didn’t have a worry in the world except maybe obtaining the coveted 64 pack of Crayola crayons. For the days when you’re feeling nostalgic for a simpler time, here are 10 songs you forgot about that you first heard 10 years ago.



1. Bubbly – Colbie Caillat

2. Sexyback – Justin Timberlake

3. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

4. No One – Alicia Keys

5. Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift

6. This Is Why I’m Hot – Mims

7. Stronger – Kanye West

8. Apologize – Timbaland & OneRepublic

9. Glamorous – Fergie

10. Shut Up And Drive – Rihanna


Here's to grade school memories & songs that we will remember the lyrics to forever!