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10 Shows & Movies to Watch This Fall

Happy fall everyone! Time to snuggle up during this spooo00ooky season and watch these movies with your girlies!


1.The Breakfast Club

Nothing captures resenting authority and having fun at the same time more than this movie! Also, amazing sound track!


2. Hocus Pocus

Halloweeeeennn yay!!!!! This old time favorite is sure to put anyone in the trick o treating mood.


3. Return of Stranger Things

*Internal screaming* The release of the new season can not come any sooner! Make sure you and all of your friends are ready on Halloween to watch the thrilling new episodes.


4. Gilmore Girls

Fall never looked better! Actually, all of the seasons in Stars Hollow! Get ready to cuddle up with a nice big cup of coffee and binge watch this show!


5. The Addams Family

Talk about spooky done right! The Addams Family is a great way to get in the “kooky” spirit of Halloween! Also, great inspo for costumes!


6. Serendipity

Okkkaay! This is more of a Christmas movie but I am not one to judge those who jump the gun early! I am in there with you! This movie is the perfect opportunity to feel the holidays set in and start pre-planning gifts for your loved ones!


7. Corpse Bride

No one does spooky better than Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! This animated film feature a young man who mistakenly marries a dead woman. Not only is this show entertaining but also hits the heart strings a little bit!


8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This cutie will definitely get you in the fall season! While the movie is placed in the spring, many of the shots were taken during the fall. One of the most iconic season features – tons of orange leaves! No matter what season it is placed in, I’ll continue to re-watch it!


9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Arguably one of the best films of the HP series, this film has beautiful images of fall leaves and morning fog! Something not far off from Gonzaga’s campus!


10. Fantastic Mr. Fox

A place where fall never ends? Sounds like heaven, right?! This cute show about a fox and three evil farmers will leave you with dreams of leaves falling and beautiful sunsets.


Student at Gonzaga University from Sun Valley, Idaho. Majors: Communication Studies and Spanish. Loves helping others, smiling, planning events, holidays, and car dance parties. 
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