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10 Reasons College Kids Love Thanksgiving Break

Here we go Zags!! We are so close to Thanksgiving break - just a few more sleeps! Here are 10 reasons why you may be excited to go home.

To get in the attitude, check out this SNL skit (I promise it's hilarious):




1. You get to sleep in your own bed!

2. Your parents treat you like royalty.

3. Food. Crazy amounts of food with no lines… sounds like true bliss.


4. You get to see your pets!


5. You get to see all your friends from home.


6. Netflix bingeing activated!


7. You get to go to your favorite local restaurants.


8. Your mom offers to do your laundry.


9. No 8 am classes!


10. Knowing that Christmas season begins!!

Student at Gonzaga University from Sun Valley, Idaho. Majors: Communication Studies and Spanish. Loves helping others, smiling, planning events, holidays, and car dance parties. 
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