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10 Delicious Restaurants in Spokane

Every once in a while, it’s fun to go out to eat somewhere new with friends! Being from Spokane, I know a few places that are fun to go to and have good food that Gonzaga students can get to easily! Some of these places require cars for driving, but some of them are walking distance for those who don’t have a car on campus. Whatever type of food you like, there is bound to be a restaurant on this list that can fit your needs…

1. Red Robin– Red Robin is a given! Everyone loves a good burger, fries, and shake, but Red Robin has a lot more food options than those to satisfy your hunger needs. They are also good and extremely cautious when helping those with food allergies because they have separate menus that say what is safe and what isn’t for those with allergies!


2. Ginger– Ginger is a wonderful sushi place if you are a fan of sushi. They offer foods other than sushi, like Mongolian beef and a few other Asian bistro options as well. It’s also located near an ice cream shop and a few other cute places you can check out while you’re there!


3. Clover– Clover is super close to campus and therefore you don’t need a car to get there. They have a wide variety of food and the ambience is beautiful! The food is amazing and so is the atmosphere. Highly recommend!


4. Frank’s Diner– Frank’s Diner is a chill place to go if you’re looking to get your food quickly. They are voted the best breakfast diner by the Inlander’s People’s Choice Awards! Check it out!


5. Satellite Diner and Lounge– This place is awesome because they are open literally all the time! They are open from 7am to 4am Monday through Friday and weekends from 8am to 4am. They are a morning or even a late-night breakfast place that serves amazing food!


6. Domini Sandwiches– Okay…this place has the BEST sandwiches ever! Along with sandwiches, they have soups and salads that are extremely good! There is a location downtown that is easy to get to, just a short car ride away!


7. Kalico Kitchen– This is another place that is kind of close to campus, but may require a car. It’s a smaller food place that serves large dishes! They have a ton of options on the menu – the hardest part is deciding what to order!


8. Chaps– I think everyone knows about this place, but it lives up to the hype! They have bakery items that you can take to go and sit down menu items that are amazing. They are also very well known for their coffee and drinks as well. Not to mention, they have several great spots to take pictures!


9. Veraci Pizza– Veraci Pizza in Kendall Yards has the best thin crust pizza in Spokane according to a lot of people. They are also known for serving at the Perry District Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons. Check them out, they serve many types of pizza and the servers who work there are always polite and welcoming!


10. Luigi’s– Luigi’s is a good Italian restaurant located downtown. They offer a TON of food options and are also very good working with allergies because they have so many options! If you think that they are going to be busy, don’t worry because they are such a huge restaurant with a ton of seating options.


These places are so good and definitely worth giving a try! Whether it’s for a night out with your friends, or your family is in town, these restaurants are great and have lots of options for everyone! These are just a few of the MANY options that Spokane has to offe!


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