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Why We Love Madeline Stuart (The First Model With Down Syndrome)

Fashion week is upon us, and for too many girls that means crying over perfect bodies in outfits we feel we could never pull off while binging ice cream on the couch. But never fear, if you find yourself starting to feel in any way self-conscious, there are models out there who stand for body positivity and being happy in your own skin.

Prime example: Madeline Stuart.

We love Madeline Stuart, and you should too. She believes in being confident in your own beauty. She understands that you need to work hard to achieve success. She understands that eating healthy and being kind to yourself are synonymous with each other. She’s only 18 and has been a New York Fashion Week model. Oh, and she has down syndrome.

The results of Maddie’s first professional photo shoot were stunning and instantly gained her the support of many parents of children with down syndrome. Maddie is an inspiration for children with disabilities, showing them that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Maddie and her mom stand for inclusion and awareness. According to her mom, Maddie wants to inspire not just people with disabilities, but anyone who feels isolated and alone.

Many people with down syndrome struggle with weight issues, but Maddie’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle has allowed her to be confident in her own skin.

Maddie now supports herself on her modeling career. She is the face of the cosmetic company Glossigirl. EverMaya created “The Madeline” handbag, of which 5% of sales are donated to the National Down Syndrome Society. Maddie even received the Model of the Year Award for 2015 in San Francisco. And she has now been part of New York’s Fashion Week twice.

Madeline’s mom says that modeling is Maddie’s way to fight discrimination and promote inclusion. Maddie demonstrates the ideals that we want models to promote. She is an inspiring image of confidence who just so happens to rock the runway.

Her adorable Instagram bio reads: “Hi I’m Madeline and I’m the only professional adult model with Down Syndrome in the world. I’m 19 and I believe anything is possible with love.”

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