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If you’re still not sure which major, is right for you, read on with an open mind! And even if you already have a major picked out, Gettysburg’s IGS major can easily be done in addition to another. If you don’t attend Gettysburg College like I do, check to see if your school has an equivalent because it probably does!

It’s An Incredibly Interdisciplinary Major

I’ve had classes from the anthropology, economics, history, political science, environmental science, French, and management departments count towards this major. Because of this, I really feel like I have a deeper understanding of the complex, intertwined nature of global issues. My interdisciplinary skills allow me to recognize the importance of considering every perspective on an issue and the limitations of only looking through one specialized lens.

It Enhances Your Other Majors & Minors

I’m a double major and double minor. Besides IGS, my other major is Business, Organizations, and Management. My minors are Writing and Peace & Justice Studies. While it might not be obvious at first glance, these majors and minors all overlap in skills if not in courses. My writing skills, while gained through English courses, assist me in writing better papers for all my other courses. The economics, history, political science courses that I’ve taken help me to understand why peace and justice, particularly on the international scale, are so difficult to achieve. I could go on and on about the benefits of studying issues from multiple lenses! No matter what your other majors and minors are, IGS or any type of international affairs/relations major will help you gain a better understanding of their global implications.

It Makes You Really Excited to Study Abroad!

Because I’ve been studying global issues and related topics in so many classes, my anticipation for studying abroad has been building steadily since my first semester. And when I do go (to France this fall!), I’ll be able to see for myself many of the things I’ve been studying in action in my French, political science, history, and economics classes. I’ve been thinking globally for a long time, so physically expanding my horizons is an absolutely thrilling prospect. And if you’re an IGS major, there are so many amazing study abroad programs that cater to your specific interests!

It Will Help You Find Jobs After Graduating

Our world seems increasingly globalized every day. International trade has exploded in the last century, and the internet connects us worldwide more than ever before. With that, many companies seek to hire young grads wh understand the implications of globalization. With IGS, you will absolutely fit those criteria. From language study to practical economics knowledge, you will have tangible skills that recruiters are looking for.

There are so many reasons why I love being an International & Global Studies major, so these are just a few of them! If any of these things strike a chord with you. I hope you’ll consider joining me in learning about how to approach international issues in our globalized world!

Abigail Minzer

Gettysburg '23

She is a senior at Gettysburg College majoring in business, organizations, and management. On campus, she’s also the assistant captain of the mock trial team, an editor for the Mercury (Gettysburg's literary magazine), a leadership mentor at the Garthwait Leadership Center and the social events coordinator of equestrian team.