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What Your Super Smash Brothers Main Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

In case you didn’t know already, Games Club will be hosting their second annual Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament this Saturday at 6:00 pm! It will be in CUB 260 and winners can get giftcards to Foursquare Comics and Games!!!!!!!! If you’re interested in signing up, email Ryan Nadel. 

1. Mario: You’re the classic all-around fighter, and you’re not afraid to be seen as basic. But you are.

2. Donkey Kong: You like throwing your weight around and you probably will never let your opponent hit the ground. 

3. Link: You love projectiles and don’t like direct conflict. You’d rather dance around the issue and just shoot from afar.

4. Samus/Dark Samus: You love rolling around like Sonic the Hedgehog, but you also want a taser and a gun.

5. Yoshi: You like laying eggs and watching your opponents struggle to hatch like some kind of masochist.

6. Kirby: You are an all-around Good Boy, and you like being a versatile, floaty chameleon.

7. Fox: You are from another era when Fox was still at the top. You like zooming back and forth and knocking your opponent off their feet.

8. Pikachu: You’re zippy and you probably spam that thundercloud, especially when you’re fighting on teams.

9. Luigi: You’re better than Mario. You understand life’s two greatest pleasures: vacuums and headbutts.

10. Ness: Like Fox, you are from another era. You’ve probably been spamming PK fire for the past two decades.

11. Captain Falcon: You think you’re cool, but in reality, nobody remembers you anymore.

12. Jigglypuff: You probably spend every spare second trying to do the perfect Rest. jigggaly puff.

13. Peach: You’re a genuinely good soul and you get bonus points for being best friends with Toad. 

14. Bowser: You are either eight years old or you have anger issues. That’s all.

15. Ice Climbers: You are a gentle soul who takes the time to genuinely know people. You believe in soulmates.

16. Sheik: You got nerfed a long time ago and you’re clinging onto the past. Learn how to move on.

17. Zelda: You make friends with everyone and you know how to counter every projectile.

18. Dr. Mario: You like to think that you’re cooler than Mario, but are you really?

19. Pichu: You got bored of Pikachu and decided to Be Baby now.

20. Falco: Like Fox, you’re a veteran who needs to let go of the past. 

21. Marth/Lucina: You love countering. You’re objectively just better than everybody else despite your limited recover.

22. Young Link: You think you’re a baby boy but in fact, you are just a projectile menace.

23. Ganondorf: You Need to Calm Down. Please, Sir. Please.

24. MewTwo: You got a smooth rhythm and your soul is probably purple.

25. Roy/Chrom: You chant “ROY’S OUR BOY” every time, and you’ve grown to feed off of the haters. 

26. Mr. Game and Watch: You fullhearted understand life is a mixed bag and you gotta take chances sometimes.

27. Meta Knight: You have never learned how to play Super Smash Brothers and you are genuinely not interested at this point.

28. Pit/Dark Pit: You both love Link and you love to fly.

29. Zero Suit Samus: You were Bayonetta before Bayonetta even knew who she was. You like tasers and a tight-fitting suit.

30. Wario: You’re aware of what a disgusting human being you are and you’ve started to embrace it. But maybe you shouldn’t be yourself around others.

31. Snake: You realize that camouflage is real and you’re betting that your opponent is too blind to see your land mines.

32. Ike: You’re dedicated to Fire Emblem, but you like a bit of a heavier character compared to those other lightweights. 

33-35. Pokemon Trainer: You like having options and have difficulty committing to any one thing.

36. Diddy Kong: You like Donkey Kong, but you believe in justice and have chosen the path of the light.

37. Lucas: You sympathize with the sad, sad life of this little boy and realize the earth will one day end and there’s nothing you can do about it.

38. Sonic: You know that you will always have haters, but hey, they can’t catch up to you.

39. King Dedede: You’re a Kirby copycat who wanted a heavyweight character and likes being annoying.

40. Olimar: You’re smart enough to understand Olimar and use him because you know your opponent has no idea how to fight you.

41. Lucario: You are one with the Force and were probably addicted to Star Wars as a child. I will not elaborate.

42. R.O.B.: You’re addicted to side neutrals and you like to whip your enemies around as if they were in a blender.

43. Toon Link: You are baby boy but you are still projectile menace.

44. Wolf: You have no shame and aren’t afraid to be an edgelord, you Fox copycat. 

45. Villager: You’re an individual and a soft heart. But you’re not brutal enough to be Isabelle.

46. Mega Man: You’re a wild card and thrive off of the fact that nobody actually knows how to fight Mega Man.

47. Wii Fit Trainer:  You are full of style and grace, and you gonna shoot your opponent with the sun in the face.

48. Rosalina & Luma: You’re an everyday modern princess and you love your friends very much.

49. Little Mac: You’re a risk-taker that’s always too close to falling off the deep end.

50. Greninja: You think you are unknowable and cool, and perhaps you actually are.

51-53. Mii Fighter: You’re a nerd who probably picked Mii Fighter just to pretend that you’re Sans. You know who you are.

54. Palutena: You’re style, you’re grace, and you’re probably good enough to be in competitive. You ain’t no casual, girl.

55. Pac-Man: You love up and down specials and genuinely confusing your opponent.

56. Robin: You like Fire Emblem, and you’ve made the noble decision to nerf yourself in exchange for magic powers.

57. Shulk: You like having the option to be naked and that wicked Momondo counter.

58. Bowser Jr.: You chose Bowser Jr. to confuse people and you’ll always have that up your sleeve.

59. Duck Hunt: You secretly always want to start a gunfight. I will not elaborate.

60. Ryu/Ken: You are from the golden age of fighting games and are wishing for a Street Fighter resurgence.

61. Cloud: You are a spammer of up specials and a steampunk edgelord.

62. Corrin: You are one of those kids who always pretended to be a mermaid and played in the bathtub too long.

63. Bayonetta: You know what women want: high heels, short hair, and guns. Lots of guns.

64. Inkling: You are a hipster child who loves to swim around the stage in squid form.

65. Ridley: You have learned how to carry yourself with grace and to let your weight be your strength, not your bane.

66. Simon/Richter: You’re afraid of direct conflict and prefer to keep your problems an arm’s length away from you.

67. King K. Rool: You are an eight-year-old child in the body of a college student.

68. Isabelle: You look approachable and collected, but you are always ready to lose it and kill a man.

69. Incinaroar: You’re just like Little Mac but are probably into some weird stuff.

70. Piranha Plant: You’re absolutely disgusting. Why would you do this? Is life some kind of joke to you?

71. Joker: You never learned how to recover so you rely on the grappling hook.

72. Hero: You are not in this for fun. You are in this to kamikaze your opponent when they’re down a stock.

73. Banjo and Kazooie: You believe in the power of friendship and the laughter of children.

74. Terry: You are beginning to feel appreciated for the first time in your life and you tend to make things overcomplicated.

75. Byleth: You received a lot of hate, but at the end of the day it’s because you’re am ambitious jack of all trades.

*This post is not sponsored by Games Club and yes, I do know that the photo is of Mario Kart (I can’t help it!)

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