What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You


You’re sweet and loving; everyone’s shoulder to cry on. You’ve always been the person that anyone can turn to and the one that everyone wishes was there in a time of need. If comfort food was a person, you would be all over that.


You’re the simple, go with the flow one of the bunch. You’ve never been picky and anything can make you happy. You’re down for anything and you’ve always been the neutral one in the party.

Cotton Candy

There is always a wild child within the bunch. That’s you: you’re always the one to come up with the crazy ideas, and better yet follow through with them. You love being different, and could care less of what others think of you. Looking to have a good time? Always go to the cotton candy lover.

Cookies and Cream

You still have that little bit of child within you. You love doing silly things and you define the statement “getting high off of life”. Everything and anything simple can make you happy. You are a carefree person and your personality can put a smile on anyone’s face the second you step into a room.


You’re the health nut that everyone kiddingly envies. You have a sweet tooth, but always with a healthy twist. You love being active and doing anything that could benefit your mental and physical health. You always have an optimistic outlook on life, and in everything you do. You’re definitely the one that is always there to motivate and cheer people on.


You’ve often been teased about being the odd one of the bunch. The one that everyone can easily make fun of, yet loves to have around. What would everyone do without you? They constantly joke about the things you do and how you handle situations, yet they would miss your presence the second you left somewhere. Embrace the weirdness!


You’ve always been the energetic one of the group. You’re a great motivator and everyone has always needed you around whether they think they do or not in the moment. You give everyone that extra “umph” they need to complete something.

Banana Split

You’re the one that brings everyone together. If there is ever a problem, you are the one that can fix anything. Everyone is grateful for you, and would be lost without you! The “mother” of the group, you definitely complete the family and keep everyone’s feet on the ground.