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What you Should Listen to from Lana Del Rey’s New Album Based on your Major

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

This past Friday, Lana Del Rey released her new album, Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd? This is her ninth album and follows Blue Banisters. In my opinion, this album is one of her best. It truly works as a complete piece with songs referencing one another, and themes of family, loneliness, love, despair, and more are woven throughout the work. It’s clear to me that she really wrote each and every song from the deepest parts of her soul, so I urge you all to give it a listen! If you’re not a big Lana Del Rey listener, don’t worry. Below, you will find a song to listen to based on your major, hopefully allowing you to quickly find a favorite!

“The Grants” : History

The opening track for this album is about Lana Del Rey’s ancestors and her commitment to remembering them and carrying on their legacy. If you have an Ancestry.com account and agree with Vin Diesel (“Nothing is stronger than family.”), this song is perfect for you.

The track is haunting, mainly due to Lana’s vocals and the choir at the beginning. As she takes part of her family tree with her, you do the same in your studies! You’ll love this song if you’re a history major!

“Did you know that there’s a tunnel under ocean blvd” : Classics

The title track is the second song on this album and details Lana Del Rey’s fears of being forgotten and the idea of loneliness. You may like this song if you have similar fears. You also may feel like the main character in a coming-of-age movie. You love looking longingly out of the window, particularly when it’s raining.

Despite being forgotten, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” is beautiful, just like your major. You feel as though more people should appreciate your studies because you’re a Classics major!

“Sweet” : Environmental Science

I feel like you could listen to this song while going on a battlefield drive at sunset. It’s super dreamy but has an earthy feel to it as well. You may like this song if you have always felt a little different. You think about the world quite often, and people have described you as “cute” or “naïve.”

A little random, but you may also like walking barefoot on the grass. That’s right, this song is perfect for our earthy Environmental Science majors!

“A&W” : Political Science

This song stands for “American Wh*re” and has two sections. This is a very personal song, and it details some of the experiences Del Rey has had due to her reputation and appearance. You may like this song if you’ve been on a mock trial team and enjoy the arguing a bit too much. You have a desire to fit in, and you just want to fix the world.

This song was one of the singles for this album, so you’re also quite popular! Similarly, you may like this song if you’re a member of the most popular major at Gettysburg, Political Science!

“Judah Smith Interlude” : Theatre Arts

Okay… this song is controversial, and I debated including it in this list, but it carries an interesting message, and I believe that Del Rey put it on this album for a reason. You may like this track if you like looking for hidden meanings. You believe in focusing on the task at hand, and you’re grateful for any opportunity that comes your way.

You may feel that the work you do says something about you, and you may have fallen victim to method acting. That’s right, you guessed it, you may like this interlude if you’re a Theatre Arts major!

“Candy necklace” : Art

In this song, Lana Del Rey sings about how reckless and childish her lover is, but she’s obsessed with the drama and loves him regardless. You may like this song if you’re a fan of symbolism. You love a good juxtaposition, and you have a love/hate relationship with relationships.

To major in this, you need to be unafraid of failing, and you need to feel your emotions deeply. You may like this track if you’re an Art major!

“Jon Batiste interlude” : Music

This is the complete opposite of the Judah Smith Interlude, and I feel that it separates the album into two sections. You may like this interlude if you take joy and pride in what you create. You feel definite happiness when you finish a project, and you’re addicted to creating almost like it’s a drug.

You may enjoy this interlude if you’re a Music major! I visualized this interlude as a jam session between Batiste and Del Rey or during a recording session. Just two artists feeling the music they’re creating. It was low-key giving Daisy Jones & The Six vibes if you think about it like that!

“kintsugi” : psychology

This is a very personal and deep song that deals with Lana Del Rey’s grief after the passing of family members. She sings of feelings of emptiness and loneliness as she remembers her loved ones. You’ll like this song if you have an appreciation for healing after hardship. You may have had a similar experience and know how important it is to let the light in.

Whether you relate to this song or just feel for Lana Del Rey, you’re deeply interested in how people process emotion. You’ll like this song if you’re a Psychology major!

“fingertips” : Health Sciences

This is one of the most personal songs on the album, and it genuinely made me sad. It deals with morality, with lines like “where I beat the extinction of telomeres.” Lana also talks about her family: telling her younger brother to stop smoking, worrying for her niece, and wondering if she herself will have kids. You’ll like this song if you relate to any of these struggles. You may also feel that life pulls you in so many different directions, and that you just need some time for yourself.

As someone in this major, you care about people and you want them to live healthy lives. Therefore, you’ll love this track if you’re a Health Sciences major!

“paris, texas” : Individualized Major

This song references cities and towns in America that have the same name as famous cities in Europe. For example, if you tell someone you went to Paris, they’ll probably think of Paris, France instead of Paris, Texas. You’ll like this song if you’ve ever felt like an outsider, unable to fit into boxes like other people. You love things that aren’t that popular as well.

You love being an expert in your field, and you have particular interests. You may relate to this song if you have an Individualized major!

“Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep-sea fishing” : English

This song, like many others on this album, seems to be incredibly personal to Del Rey’s experiences. It has a kind of ghostly, spiritual feel to it, but it has a few references to other people taking credit for your work. The line “I know they think that it took thousands of people to put me together again like an experiment, some big men behind the scenes” will make you pretty pissed for her. If you’re constantly looking for meaning and you love poetry, you’ll like this song.

You may have guessed it, but you’ll love this song if you’re an English major! You’ll enjoy dissecting this song, probably starting with that mouthful of a title.

“Let the light in” : Cinema and MEdia Studies

While you could argue that each song on this album is a story, this is the only one that clearly follows a plot. The track follows the speaker picking up her lover at night and their secretive relationship. You’ll love this song if you’re a fan of rom-coms, drama, and crying/kissing in the rain. Maybe you’ve cried over a fictional character recently?

To be in this major, you have to love stories with your whole heart. You’ll definitely jam out to this song if you’re a Cinema and Media Studies major!

“Margaret” : Sociology

Bleachers (also known as Jack Antonoff, the producer for this album) is featured in this song. This is super important because the song is written for his fiancée! I’m in tears. Anyway, you’ll enjoy this track if you’re someone who is interested in other people. You love your friends, you love love, and you’re just overall a people-person.

Maybe it’s a little on the nose, but you’ll cry listening to this if you’re a sociology major!

“Fishtail” : Civil War Era Studies

This song is about a couple, where one party said they would be there for their love, only to stab them in the back. The song also has an Americana vibe to it that appears in a lot of Lana Del Rey’s music. You’ll like this song if people have described you as having a “resting sad face.” You love betrayal stories like these, and you’re a fan of all things nostalgia, especially period pieces.

Now, this is kind of cheating. But I feel like the story matches so perfectly… so you’ll enjoy this song if you’re a Civil War Era Studies minor! Get it… the Confederacy stabbed the Union in the back? I’ll see myself out.

“Peppers” : BOM

The penultimate track to Del Rey’s newest album depicts a dangerous person and their intimate relationship. Lyrics like “F*ck it, gonna give a show, I open up the blinds. I threw caution to the wind, get on to the bike” will really fire you up. You’ll love this if you’ve been described as reckless by your parents, and you’re really just down for a good time.

To be in this field, you have to take risks. You have to be fearless. You’ll love this song if you’re a Business, Organization, and Management major!

“Taco tuck x VB” : Double Major

The final track of this album is similar to “A&W” and combines two songs in one: “Taco Truck” and “Venice B*tch.” You’ll enjoy this track if you like to mix it up with your coursework. Because of this, you’re always trying new things. People may have described you as “crazy” in the past because of your different lifestyle, but you don’t care.

Now, I know this is supposed to be based on your major, but sometimes people are hard to tie down. You’ll enjoy this track if you’re a double major!

I hope that you like the song I selected for you (if your major isn’t here, pick one that sounds the most interesting)! Happy listening!

Sophia Kenny

Gettysburg '24

Sophia Kenny graduated in May of 2024. During her time in Her Campus, she served as the President of Her Campus Gettysburg and former Vice President of Social Media. She covered many aspects of culture and college life, such as things to do around campus and ways to get acclimated. Sophia studied English and Business, Organization, and Management at Gettysburg College from 2020-2024. She was an Undergraduate Fellow of the Eisenhower Institute, served as Sooth's Gen Z Audience Council Chair, and completed an English Honors Thesis. Sophia's work has been published in the Gettysburg Connection and the Mercury. She has served as an intern for the Gettysburg Connection, Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger, First & First Consulting, and Sooth. In her free time, Sophia enjoys hanging out with friends and her cat, Star. You can find her procrastinating in the library, or listening to a podcast and painting her nails at home. You can keep up with her on LinkedIn.