What Hillary Clinton Has Done to Improve the Lives of Women

Before any of my Bernie or bust friends storm off angrily without reading through this whole article, pause. I am a fan of Bernie Sanders too. I am a fan of his policies and his unwavering stance on issues about which I care. I will vote for him if he becomes the nominee.

However, I want to bring your attention to Hillary Clinton, a woman whom many of you chastise and criticize. I have heard on multiple occasions that Clinton has not, in fact, done anything to progress women’s rights, and that Senator Sanders has a better track record with women’s issues. While I respect and thank Mr. Sanders for his progressive ideas, I am obligated to point out to you that no other candidate has done more to advance gender equality than Hillary Clinton, not even Bernie Sanders.

Both candidates, of course, want to eliminate the wage gap and create better, safer, and more productive lives for women. Both candidates aim to create equality. But saying that Hillary Clinton will not come through on this promise is a false statement, as she already has.

Clinton has done the most, and that cannot be disputed. Whether you support her in the race for the presidency or not, I implore you to look into the changes she has made to improve the lives of women all over the world and the empowerment she is inspiring in women and girls.

Let us not forget that Clinton has faced many of the same misogynistic attacks and struggles as the women she has worked to serve.

Creation and appointment of the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, 2009

The Office works to promote stability, peace, and development by empowering women politically, socially, and economically around the world” (state.gov).

The office’s goals include ending early and forced marriage, preventing and responding to gender-based violence, and empowering adolescent girls.

US National Plan on Women, Peace, and Security, 2011

“...empower half the world’s population as equal partners in preventing conflict and building peace in countries threatened and affected by war, violence, and insecurity. Achieving this goal is critical to our national and global security” (whitehouse.gov).

This plan focuses on care, recovery, and involvement of women in conflict-ridden areas.

Global Health Initiative, 2011 

Dedicated to improving the health of children and women and implementing family planning solutions in Tanzania.  

“No Ceilings” Initiative, 2013

The initiative collected and analyzed data on women’s issues, including information about maternity leave in the United States.

Staunch position on reproductive rights

Clinton supports Planned Parenthood and is outspoken about her support of the Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion. She has also openly condemned the Hobby Lobby ruling that limited employee access to birth control.

Empowerment of women all over the world through her visits as Secretary of State 

Clinton met with trafficking victims and anti-trafficking activists, and during trips to Latin America prioritized meeting with women leaders before other political leaders.

Running for president (twice)

The idea that a woman can aim for the highest office in the nation is empowering women everywhere. What’s more, Clinton is not appealing to hate or fear to do it.

Now, whatever your opinion about Hillary Clinton (whether it changed after reading this article or not), whichever candidate you support (believe me, I love Senator Sanders, too), PLEASE do not forget to vote this upcoming November. Keep in mind the men and women, especially those of color, who have struggled and died for this right. Do not take that for granted. Do not let this country be overrun by hate and fear.