What HC Gettysburg Did Over Spring Break


I went on tour with Gettysburg College Choir over break!  Every spring break, we go on tour to a different place.  Sometimes we go as far as Nicaragua, but this year’s tour was fairly local: Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.  Here’s a picture of us freezing our butts off after an impromptu concert for passersby in Battery Park!  If you look closely, you can see the Statue of Liberty standing proudly in the background.



I actually did a lot over spring break! I ate some delicious sushi, "ran" my first 5K (let's be real, I fast walked it), I went to Boston for St. Patrick's Day and went on my first brewery tour (free beer!!), and I was introduced to the glory that is feta cheese. I don't know how I lived without it for so long! My neighbor made an egg scramble with bacon, tomatoes, spinach, and feta for us after we finished the 5K, and I have no idea how I've lived so long without this brunch staple in my life! Basically, I ate and drank my way through spring break, and I wouldn't have it any other way.



I live in Florida, so my mom and I took a three-day trip to Disney World! (We literally starting planning it with one week to go until spring break, it was the only thing that got me through midterms.)  We had a bunch of fun riding all of the rides, checking out the new parts of the parks, and even catching a show.  This picture was taken at the end of our first day there - right in front of the amazing castle in Magic Kingdom.



We got a new dog last month and spring break was my first time to really be able to spend time with her. She was named Cesha (pronounced Ke$ha) before being renamed Bishop.  She's a seven-year-old German Shepherd - formerly a show and breeding dog, but after having a litter of all stillborns, her previous family decided that she needs to be the center of attention.  She surely gets that in the Nisbett family (and so do our Westie and cat, of course)!



I went to Miami! This was my first time going to Miami (normally when I go to Florida I go to Disney World).  Over this break, my three best friends and I decided to go to this warm location to relax and to get a tan! When we weren’t laying out by the pool, we were checking out the surrounding area. This picture above was taken in the Wynwood Art District. We are standing in front of one of the street art pieces that was part of the famous Wynwood Walls!