Valentines Day Without Meat

Valentine's Day is always a great time to have fun - whether you’re in a relationship or not. For Catholic people there’s a slight road bump this year. Valentine’s Day is on Ash Wednesday. For those who don’t have much knowledge of Catholic traditions, this means that practicing Catholics over the age of 14 aren’t allowed to eat meat. For a holiday where going out to dinner is super common, this can complicate plans a bit. These ideas also work for vegetarians and people for avoid meat for other religious or dietary reasons. So, here’s a few ideas to have fun while avoiding meat:

1. Go to a sushi restaurant

Image via Japan Center

This way you can still have that wonderful and fancy dinner! Luckily, sushi restaurants, like other restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. There are cheap one where you can order out and go on a picnic. There also restaurants where you’ll feel underdressed unless you’re in your Sunday Best.

2. Go to the movies

Image via CBS Boston

Take some time for yourselves and just see something that’s out that you’re both interested in. A romantic comedy, the latest superhero movie, an animated movie that just got released, whatever you’re into. Of course this goes double for seeing live theater.

3. Recreate a date

Image via Guy's Guide to Proposing Marriage

Was there one particular date where you truly enjoyed? Recreate it! My Aunt and Uncle combined this with the above suggestion a while they ago. The movie they say on their first date released a remake, so they went to see it together. Doesn’t that just sound super cute?! So, what better day to do something like that than Valentine’s Day?

4. Go to a museum

Image via The Heritage Lab

Look at some cool stuff. Talk to each other. Learn some something new. Enjoy each other’s company. Must more be said?

5. Adopt a plant together

Image via Pexels

Go to a local Greenhouse or, if you're desperate, Walmart and find a plant that you both like. Take it home. Plant it together and watch it grow into something beautiful. I’ve never actually heard of this being done, but it sounds super cute.

6. Make chocolate together

Image via Grils Afternoon Tea

Forget buying chocolates. Make an event out of it and make some together! You’ll learn something new and have fun spending time with your significant other.

7. Go to a paint night

Image via Advocate

This can optionally include wine. But, either way, you’ll have fun creating something together. In the end, not only will you have memories, but you’ll have something, hopefully,nice to take home.

So, go out and have fun - either with your significant other or friends!

Cover image via Youtube