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The Top 10 Halloween Costumes No One Thinks Of

Let’s be honest here: there are quite literally tons of costumes you can choose for this one day. And more of them than I’d like to admit are way too overdone.

Here are a few that you don’t usually see:

1. Household objects

Image via  Giphy

Take a lesson from the Maytag man, pictured above. This can be a really a fun costume and is perfect for that unique look.

2. Food

Image via Sweety High

Who doesn’t’t love food? Pick your favorite snack and go to town. Tip! This is also a great choice for last minute costumes.

3. Super villains

Image via Buy Costumes

Sure there are some, like Harley Quinn, that are featured a lot, but there are years of comic book history to pick from – the Ottoman Empress from The Tick for example. Or, if you really want to do that cat costume, why not add a bit of awesomeness to it by making it Catwoman?

4. That cartoon character who meant a lot to you as a kid

Image via Author

It doesn’t’t matter if the character was popular or not. If the person was important to you then why not revisit them for one night?

5. Historical figures

Image via A Mighty Girl

There are so many amazing people who have lived. If nothing else, this costume can help strike up some pretty interesting conversation. Not to mention that thrift stores will be a great help in this category.

6. Literal puns

Image via Pinterest

Yeah. It’s generally a very torn response. You’re bound to get a few chuckles throughout the night, but a few groans are almost guaranteed as well.

7. A board game

Image via Purple Pawn

It’s supposed to be a fun night. Why not wear some of that fun? Again, a good category if you’re running low on time.

8. Your Professor

Image via Stanford

Do you have that one professor with that super particular fashion sense? Yes, I’m looking at you Professor Isherwood. When done right, this costume is bound to get you a few laughs. Just remember to be kind in case he or she gets word of the costume.

9. Artwork

Image via Pinterest

There are probably even more pieces of artwork than possible Halloween costumes. The best part with this costume is that you don’t have to be super creative, but everyone will think that you are!

10. The weather

Image via WNCT 

When was the last time you saw someone dressed as the weather? The cool thing about this costume is that it’s super flexible. It can be super complex or simple. Not to mention the many states of the weather to choose from!

Happy Halloween!

Cover photo via Pixabay

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