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My fondest memories have always been of doing all the work to rake up piles of leaves, just to jump in them and mess it all up. Overall, it doubled my workload. Overall, I also thrived. Flash forward 12 years and that carefree raking has turned to a lot of schoolwork and etc. However, stepping on a crunchy leaf or seeing the sun reflect off some red leaves can change all of that. It’s me jumping in a pile of leaves all over again. There’s something about fall trees and leaves to me that makes me remember the childhood joy of nature, and we all deserve a little of that. 

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2. Halloween 

The possibility to be whatever animal, meme, the occupation you want. The possibility to use everything in your closet to pull out a last-minute costume and still look cute. The possibility to see babies dressed as Ruth Baby Ginsburg and dogs dressed as cats. The possibility to match with your friends and wear stupid stuff and not care if you are judged for it because eff it, it’s Halloween. Spooky stuff too can come with Halloween, slightly less my favorite than babies dressed as cute things but still important. Being scared is for sure subjectively fun, but I don’t want men in clown masks jumping out at me. But to each his own, and it’s a part of Halloween. 

3. Sweater Weather

60-degree weather is objectively dream weather. Being able to wear a new sweater and a fuzzy jacket (which me and my friends call furbabies) is such a cozy delight. Fuzzy socks begin making their appearance in fall and we all are the more blessed for it. Spending cute nights covered in blankets outside or spending the day in sweaters reading books outside is truly a lovely, calming experience. 

Photo Courtesy of Author 

4. Closeness to the Holiday Season

Essentially, once it’s Labor Day, then it’s Halloween then it’s Thanksgiving, then it’s Christmas. There’s never not something to be excited about and looking forward to. 

5. Apples + Pumpkins Galore 

Apples in Adams County have been killing it lately, and honestly every fall. Shameless plug to the Gleaning Project if you want to go pick apples and combat food insecurity and food waste! Little pumpkins too bring so much cute, colorful joy. Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, apple pie, straight apples, all of it. The food of fall cannot go wrong. 

Enjoy your fall and step back and enjoy all these beautiful things! 

Molly O'Gara

Gettysburg '22

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