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The Age-Old Debate: When to Begin Playing Christmas Music

After Halloween ends, there is an annual discussion on when to pull out those Christmas playlists. Some begin to listen to Christmas music the day after trick-or-treating while others wait until after Thanksgiving. Here are the different types of people when it comes to playing Christmas music.

Before Halloween

Personally, this is just too soon. The people doing this are most likely the ones who pair Halloween and Christmas decorations together and constantly tell you how many days there are until Christmas.

12:00 AM November 1st

Like Mariah Carey, these people are waiting for Halloween to end just so they can begin playing Christmas music. They dust off their playlists and celebrate what they consider to be the beginning of the holiday season. For some, this means immediately putting away the Halloween decorations and setting up the tree.

Listening Moderately Before Thanksgiving

These people enjoy Christmas music and can’t seem to wait until after Thanksgiving to begin listening. While they don’t play the music 24/7 just yet, they are beginning to get in the holiday spirit. Personally, this is the category where I fall.

christmas music
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Thanksgiving Day

Maybe the ending of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is what gets people in the mood for Christmas! What better sign to begin the holiday season than Mr. and Mrs. Claus?

Strictly after Thanksgiving

These are the people that believe listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is outrageous. Typically, they back their arguments by saying that the radio doesn’t play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving (which is debatable in some cases). At least they can enjoy their Thanksgiving leftovers with the sounds of the season!

No matter what time you think is acceptable to begin playing Christmas music, there will always be people that disagree. Let the debates begin!

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